Wockin’ Awound the Cwithmath Twee

QIC: Free Candy
Date: 12/15/2018
PAX: Care Bear, Cowbell, Geek Squad, Iron Butt (respect, respect), Milkman, Mr. Clean, Radiohead, Skitch, VSquared, Venus
AO: Landfill


Rain held off while staying in the 40s, which honestly felt like a hot summer day compared to some of the more recent mornings. No sun still, so if anyone has seen the sun, please tell it to come back to our AOs.

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional, you are here on your own free, if you get hurt we will take you to your car or maybe drive your car to you. Modify if necessary.


Mosey to the lower parking lot. Ran into Skitch on the way and then he ‘skitched’ along with us to the lot.
15x SSH
15x Baby Arm Circles
15x Reverse Arm Circles
15x Moroccan night club
15x Air Presses
15x SSH
15x Imperial Walkers
10x Copperhead Squats (on the count 1-2-3 we slowly go down. On the next count we slowly go back up. Good form is hands on back of head with elbows back and back straight.
10x High Knees
7x Calf Raises one side at a time, 14 total
10x Burpees on your own

The Thang

Moseyed down to the lower gate. PAX was instructed to follow the sidewalk as a group from that location all the way back up to the pavilion. Along the way are 11 total sheets of paper (each with different instructions) distributed among the 30 some light poles between the two points.
A different person reads the sheet every time we arrive at one which worked out perfectly given we had 11 people (but Iron Butt forgot his glasses so his son Venus had to read for him)

First thing the reader had to do was read the exercise the team was to perform. Once the rest of the PAX began the exercise, he continued to read the rest of the instructions out loud. Unless otherwise instructed, the reader had to perform a plank or squats while reading/performing what was on the sheet of paper.
Click here to view the google doc containing all 11 sheets. We ended up going in the order from #11 all the way to #1.
Finished with some round-robin Mary to make up for the last 10 minutes.


I want to briefly talk about the concept of control. It’s been on my mind lately and I’ve been having a lot of direct experience with it. Where does your mental state go when you start feeling a lack of control in your life? Lack of control can happen at home and carry into work. The opposite can also happen. Do you have healthy habits? Or do you run to something unhealthy?
For me I tend to get into a cleaning frenzy because I know the effort I put in has a direct affect to the result I see. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes I can get into arguments with my wife and she will put up an impenetrable wall and I feel like no matter what I try, no matter how calm my body language is, I can’t get through. How does that make me feel? I feel like powerless in a way. Not because I wanted to control her, but because I thought that the effort I put in would have a direct affect on the result I see. So it makes me feel hurt and angry. But did I have control in that situation to begin with? No, it was out of my hands, so why did I feel like I wanted to control the outcome so hard?
I will leave you all with a quick passage from Genesis. A passage where Abraham leaves his humanly-natured desire for control into the hands of God in what I believe to be one of the biggest examples in the Bible. My desire for myself and you all today is to understand from this story that the definition of Faith is to willingly take your desire to control a specific outcome and give it to God and trust that he knows what is best for you, even when that may seem like insanity.
((Passage is a good bit out of Genesis 22)


An unplanned bluetooth speaker was brought and helped us have some nice warm up music until a Kesha song came on and the whole PAX sang along.
Everyone definitely knew how to sing the Jingle Bells chorus backwards.
Carebear was dropped accidentally at the end of the workout while taking a picture with the flag…he suffered a concussion and the doctor said ‘not to worry’ if he can’t stop singing ‘Deck The Halls’.
F3 Q
Mr. Clean worked out so hard that he left his mark on the pavement during Mary. He said that usually when he sweats on dry pavement that it’s shaped like Jesus.
F2-Q-3.jpgF3 Q 2


Christmas and News Years schedules are TBD. Cleveland AO is officially launched!