Tri Harder

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QIC: Picasso
Date: 12/17/2018
PAX: Cable Cutter, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, Radiohead, FNG-Truck-Yeah, The Count
AO: The Huey


36 degrees

The Disclaimer

I’m not a professional. Work hard but smart.


Mosey around the Track (.25 miles)
SSH x 25 IC
Willy Mays Hayes x 16 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
Baby Arm Circles x 15 IC, Reverse
Shoulder Press x 15 IC
Ass Kickers x 15 IC
High Knees x 15 IC

The Thang

Picnic Table Dips x 15
Incline Merkins x 10
Picnic Table Dips x 15
Incline Merkins x 10
Picnic Table Dips x 10
Incline Merkins x 10
Wall Sit x 20
Picnic Table Dips x 10
Incline Merkins x 10
Mosey to Back parking lot
Karaoke to and back
Curb Dips x 15
Bernie Sanders to and back
Curb Dips
Karaoke to and back
Mosey to the Tennis Court
Tennis Court Shuffle x 3
Plank x 60 seconds
Parker Peters x 10
Infinity Plank with associated lifting of certain appendages
Tennis Court Shuffle x 2
Mosey to the B-Ball Court
Circuit Training [each group of PAX goes thru the circuit twice]
2 PAX – Bench Dips
2 PAX – Sprint
2 PAX – Plank
Mosey to the Octagon Arena
4 PAX hold Plank
4 PAX do undetermined amount of Dips
Rotate 4 times
LBC’s x 40
Swing Crunches x 10
Freddy Mercury’s x 25


The motivational talk was cut out due to the disorganized fashion of the COT today. It’s a Q’s responsibility to ensure that the post runs smoothly and in some orderly fashion. Especially for the new guys who may not be familiar with the process.
“Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both.” – Dwayne Johnson
Try harder. Stay focused. Be consistent. Become better.
Mumble Chatter
“They took down the watchtower” – Mr. Clean
“No talking if you can’t do a proper plank” – The Q
“Let me go get my camera fellas” – The Count
“Does the camera count cadence” – DuckTales