Shoulder the Burden

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 12/24/2018
PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Fast Lane, Oscar, Peanuts, Sidekick
AO: Beast Ridge


Damp, clear, and 34F.

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  Modify if necessary but push yourself.  If you’re injured we’ll get you to your car


  • SSH ICX20; Good Mornings ICX15; SSH ICX15; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX15; Large Pickle Pounders ICX 10; SSH ICX10; Plank w/left leg up; right leg up; standard
  • Mosey to the big Parking lot

The Thang

Shoulder the Burden

  • PAX line up 50 yds apart
  • 1st PAX picks up the 50 lb bag of corn and runs to the next PAX.  1st PAX performs exercise, 2nd PAX picks up the corn and runs to the 3rd PAX.  This repeats until the corn reaches the last PAX. The last PAX runs the corn all the way back to the start.  This process repeats through each different exercise.
  • Exercise 1 = 25 Mercans
  • Exercise 2 = 8 Burpees
  • Exercise 3 = 30 Squats
  • Exercise 4 = 25 LBC

Mosey to the soccer field with the 2 bags of corn
Type writer circuit
PAX line up on bottom step; 15 Ircans – Box Jump up a step – 20 Dips – Box Jump up a step – 15 Decline Pickle Pounders – Box jump up a step – 30 Squats – Bear Crawl down the steps
Run a lap around the bleachers ending up on the left side of the stairs
15 Big Boy situps – Box jump up a step – 10 Bulgarian split squats each leg – Box jump up a step – 15 Incline reverse pickle punders – Box jump up a step –  15 Dercans – Bear Crawl down steps
Run a lap around the bleachers ending up on the right side of the stairs
At this point, I decided to try some Coupon box jumps, so Fastlane and I box jumped the steps carrying the corn.  Jump down each step with a deep squat on each landing
Carry the corn back to the flag
Few minutes of Mary left, so we did pretzel crunch ICX10 each leg, Dying Cockroach ICX10, and a new Best In Show original – the Drag Queen Dolly (Regualr Dolly with feet crossing in the middle) ICX10


Shoulder the Burden
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who would shoulder the burden for the sins of the world.  We at F3 strive to shoulder the burden for our friends, family and brothers.  Keeping that in mind, getting through the workout is a piece of cake.  Remember the reason for the season.


Pickle Pounder variants are still creepy and we all hoped no one was watching


Convergence next Monday at Hill City, no Hill City workout on Tuesday.