Sidewinders VQ

QIC: Sidewinder (Respect)
Date: 12/22/2018
PAX: Bubbles (Respect), Deep Dish, Fast Lane, FNG-Mrs. Baker, 9 Volt (Respect), Rhythm, Rug Doctor(Respect), Sidekick, Threeskin, WuzntMe
AO: The Battery


Damp, clear, and 34F.

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  Modify if necessary but push yourself.  If you’re injured we’ll get you to Tennova or another area hospital.


Mosey to the Pavillion Parking Lot

  • Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC
  • Good Mornings x 25 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles x 25 IC
  • Reverse Arm Circles x 25 IC
  • Cherry Pickers x 20 IC
  • Morrocan Nightclub x 25 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the Pavillion

  • Merkins 4 Count x 20 OYO
  • Dips 4 Count x 20 OYO
  • Incline Merkins 4 Count x 15 OYO
  • Box Jumps x 20 OYO

Mosey Up Hell Hill

  • Begin at the designated line and do Squats 20 then lunge to the line across the parking lot and do 20 High Knees, lunge back to the line and do 19 and 19, 18 and 18, 17 and 17, etc.
  • Begin at the designated line and do 10 Plank Jacks and then Bear Crawl to the line across the parking lot and do 10 Starmans, lunge back to the line do 9 and 9, 8 and 8, etc.

Mosey to Tennis Court Parking Lot

  • Overhead Press with CMU x 20
  • Brick Swings with CMU x 20
  • Farmers Carry with CMU across Parking Lot
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Mosey to Pavillion Parking Lot

  • Dealers Choice Mary


Make the time to get know people and the men around you.  Everyone has a story.
BOM: Prayers for Fastlane’s Grandmother, those traveling for Holidays.


Other than the occasional coughing, moans, and cadence, fairly quiet.


Abscess will conduct a Q School at The Battery on 5 January 2019.