Ciabatta, Suicides, and Sally

QIC: Rug Doctor
Date: 01/19/2019
PAX: Bubbles (Respect), Deep Dish, Fastlane, Mrs. Baker (Respect), 9-Volt (Respect), Rhythm, Sidewinder (Respect), WuzntMe
AO: The Battery

Conditions – 46F, Raining – A perfectly normal Saturday.

The Disclaimer – I am not a professional (which will be come evident as the morning progresses).  You are here voluntarily.  We don’t know what your fitness level is or if you have any existing medical conditions.  That being said, and in the future, please write your blood type and next of kin’s number on tape and adhere to some part of your body prior to future workouts.  If you fall out, we will summons LifeForce.


Mosey from flags to lower parking lot next to Dog Park.

  • SSH x 19 IC (Since today’s the 19th everything will be done in 19’s (you can thank me later).
  • Abe Vigoda’s x 19 IC
  • SSH x 19 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 19 IC
  • SSH x 19 IC
  • Copperhead Squats x 19 IC
  • SSH x 19 IC

Mosey up to pavilion.

The Thang

Ciabatta (Tabata F3 Style one minute at each station15-second rest between each station).

  • Squat Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • Big Boy Situps
  • Goblet Squats
  • Overhead Press With Bands (Pick your poison – red, black, blue, or green for the manly men)
  • Renegade Rows with 15 or 20-pound dumbells
  • Alternating plank shoulder touches
  • Sandbag burpee clean and press
  • Alternating leg step ups with 30-pound litter jugs in each hand
  • Farmers carries with 30-pound litter jugs in each hand or 50-pound bird seed bag
  • Dips
  • Kettlebell swings with 30-pound sand bag
  • CMU Curls

Mosey to the parking lot for suicides.
Rinse and repeat circuit and suicides x 2 rounds.
Merkins with Sally – what a great song.
Mary – Dealers Choice:

  • Hello Dolly’s
  • Freddie Mercury’s


“It’s not the critic who counts…” T.R.’s Man in The Arena speech.  Don’t listen to what other’s say, set your goals, get out in the arena, sweat, bleed, succeed, fail, try again.  At the end of the day, other’s won’t answer for your success or failures, you will.

  • Fastlane and his wife, as they provide care for her mother.  Pray for more good days than bad and healing.
  • Prayers for Mrs. Baker’s mother suffering from RA.
  • Prayers for Sidewinder’s mother and his wife as she provides car for her.  Facing another surgery and needs healing.


Believe it or not, there wasn’t a lot of mumble chatter this morning while we were partaking of Ciabatta.  There were however several mysterious puddles on the cold damp concrete and various guttural farm animal noises coming from the Pax at various times during the party.


  • PFT at The Battery March 9, 2019 – Be ready to set your baseline.  We’ll be repeating once every quarter.
  • Team OCR – Kingston, TN May 19, 2019 “Hardship Hill” to benefit Operation Enduring Warrior.
  • GORUCK Light “Battle of Baghdad” May 4, 2019 – Chattanooga, TN.