Can’t Trust That Day

QIC: Threeskin
Date: 02/11/2019
PAX: Best In Show (Respect), Doodles, Fastlane, Jabooti, Sidekick, Speed Bump, The Count (Respect)
AO: Beast Ridge


Pretty pleasant at 43…

The Disclaimer

Short and Sweet, but complete.


Good Mornings
Seal claps
Baby Arm Circles
Military Press
Arm circles of a baby
Forward Fold
Good Mornings

The Thang

Let’s just stay dry if possible… 
Using the parking lot as our base: Dora in teams 3 sets of all
One partner lunges down and back while the other does curls.
One partner does Imperial Squat Walkers while the other runs to the far end and back.
One frog jumps down and back while the other does military press.
Mosey to the playground: Pull Ups or Rows while other group does step ups
Mosey to the pavilion: Incline Merkins and Super Dips
Mary then Mosey back.


This commitment might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  It might be easy to fartsack, it might be difficult because of work.  What ever it is for you…  Someone out there has it worse.  So step up your game because its not about you, its about the guy next to you.


Best in Show and threeskin went to high school together in different decades…
Lots of undocumented mumble chatter in the warm up.  Acceptable since the Q only planned for 3 PAX and 8 PAX showed.
The Count successfully executed a Johnny Bench without a Demo!  put it in the exicon!


Huey Schedule – is changing
Pick a Saturday and get there!
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