QIC: Fissure
Date: 02/11/2019
PAX: Ducktales, Geek Squad, Magnum, Mr. Clean, Truck-Yeah, U-Turn, Whittler
AO: The Huey


Gloomy and misty and somewhat chilly

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional etc etc


SSH x 50 IC
Good mornings x 15 IC
Third Grade Exercices x 13 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
SSH x 10 IC
mosey to track
4 x 4×4’s, half lap, 3 x 4×4’s, half lap, 2 x 4×4’s, half lap, 1 x 4×4
mosey to the lot by the ball fields

The Thang

Partner up at first island for Burpees (50), Monkey Humpers (200), Flutterkicks (300, single count)
Bernie Sanders to opposite island then run back
Alternate amrap big boy situps with partner holding your field 2 minutes each
We modified the dora burpees from 75 to 50 so we cranked out 13 burpees OYO
mosey back to cars
SSH x 25 IC, 5 x 4×4’s, SSH x 20 IC, 4 x 4×4’s, SSH x 15 IC, 3 x 4×4’s, SSH x 10 IC, 2 x 4×4’s, SSH x 5 IC, 1 x 4×4
American Hammers slow x 15 IC
Flutterkicks x 15 IC
LBC’s slow x 15 IC


“When Paul tells Timothy to “flee youthful passions” the larger passage never mentions greed or lust, it repeatedly tells him to avoid quarrels and controversy.  Conclusion:  the tendency to be argumentative is a most dangerous sin (2 Tim: 2)”
YHC saw this on twitter from @dandoriani and it struck a nerve.  Paul wrote to Timothy about how church leaders should conduct themselves but this is a lesson that applies to leaders of all faiths.


The flu bug is going around Hamilton County and 4 pax had to stay home.
Whittler told another great joke.  “How do you get a farm girl to like you?  A tractor.”  Gold.


President’s Day (Monday 2/18) at the Huey will start at 0515