Forgive and Forget

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 03/07/2019
PAX: Ringwald, Laces Out (Respect), Sunburn (Respect), Money Ball, Speed Bump, Dirk, Iron Butt (Respect), Back Pew, Peanuts, Roadhouse (Respect), Cowbell, Sunshine
AO: Hill City


28 degrees and clear skies

The Disclaimer

F3 is a free, peer-led organization that was co-founded by the 2018 North Carolina Attorney of the year. You probably don’t want to stand toe-to-toe with the man who started it all, so keep yourself in check. Take responsibility for your own actions and also know your limits. I’m not a professional, although some call me “Pro”; it’s a very different kind of “pro” —  a saltier, thinner, hammy-er type of pro.


Hit a pre-lap for any late-comers that were exiting the fartsack a few minutes late.
All exercises in Cadence:
– HK
– Hillbillies
– American Hammer
– Smurf Jacks
– Table Saw

*Partner up for partner exercises while partnering up with your partners
Some of these while facing your partner:
1) Bropee’s x 5
2) P1 Plank while P2 lateral hops back & forth x 5
3) P1 Plank while P2 merkins with one arm up on P2 back x 5 (switch arms)
4) Crab position and touch feet with partner (right-to-right, left-to-left) x 10
5) Fist-Bump Merkins x 10


The Thang

The Politically Correct Indian Bear Merkin
Like a Native American run, all pax line up together. The furthest Native American in the back bear crawls to the front position while the rest of the pax are planking and waiting. Once he arrives at the very front of the other Native Americans, he must instruct the Pax to perform Merkins (3). Once that is complete, the next Native American starts walking like a bear *might.
6 exercises – 6 stations – 6 reps per station
Merkins, LBC, Lunge, Flutter Kick… ran out of time


“Your wound is probably not your fault, but healing is your responsibility. If you don’t heal your wounds, you’re going to bleed on people who didn’t cut you. Your scars aren’t proof that you’re broken, they’re proof that you’ve healed.”

This morning I shared a few words about forgiveness. I’ve often felt that it takes a lot of courage to show vulnerability, so here goes:
This past week I vacationed for my Dad’s birthday with my older brother and a couple of cousins. It brought to mind some of the issues of the past, from a relationship perspective. I’ve got a great Dad, there’s no issues there, and my brother is my big brother and he was kind of like a younger version of my Dad. There have been moments, though, where I’ve been underwhelmed as a son in how a situation was handled. Times where there was lack of support, complete lack of consideration or -the worst- just feeling like you’re second-best in someone’s eyes. In those times, I’d often reflect and question why. Not understanding why there was not much of a connection or just that you were “in the way.” This was difficult at a young age to have to navigate.
In those times, it was my mother who would offer very poignant advice in an extremely simple and efficient way; “Turn the other cheek”, or, “Kill them with kindness”, or “Don’t show them how much it hurts you, show them how much you still care”, she’d say. These simple (yet effective) musings have made a profound impact on me as a person and still do.  And when executed properly, work without fail.
Anyone who knows me, knows that forgiveness is something that I can’t live without. I find myself asking for forgiveness more often times than I deserve to receive. 
I recently read that the simple phrase, “Vengeance is mine” is mentioned in 27 verses in scripture (e.g. Proverbs, Deuteronomy, Romans, Paul’s letters, Gospels, etc). I’m not a super intelligent guy, but if something is mentioned that many times, I say it’s probably worthwhile advice. These three words, are enough for me to take with me into daily battle knowing that I’m not alone, that we have a Father who loves us and cares for us and that He alone will handle the dirty work. It’s our job to follow the example his Son illustrated time and time again by forgiving others, as they will inevitably fall short of expectation.

Money Ball – workplace situation
Laces Out – Family member
The Count’s family
Peanuts’ Father-in-law
Back Pew’s travel


The Native American exercise worked well and we didn’t use racially insensitive words during the exercise. 
Ringwald suggested that Native American music would pair well with the effort; what a guy! Always next time…
Bropees are a thing and they’re definitely much more fun with a bro
*Money Ball’s bear crawl looks like a bear who has never actually walked like a bear; sideways.


– 03/09 2.0 Day
– 03/30 Convergence in Ooltewah
– Red Bank Baptist’s “Man Church” kicking-off. Check Slack channel #Faith for more details (Money Ball or Laces Out can also provide more info).