Oscar Mike

QIC: Ducktales
Date: 03/11/2019
PAX: geek squad, hector, milkman, u-turn, hasbro, lugnut, snowflake
AO: The Huey


Baby making weather

The Disclaimer

Emphasized like a non professional


Windmills IC
3rd grade IC
Butt kickers IC
Willy Mays Hays
Leg balance

The Thang

the count wanted to end his millennials post last Thursday with 100 burpees. We didn’t get them all so lets continue this post and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
Real Burpees 100 OWO
Picked this next one up from my boys up at F3NETN, OLD Fashion Dora.
Partner up 100 mericans, 200 BBSU, 300 squats, Hold plank sprint
Plank, Breathing
Side plank
Tree and forward fold


Onward March, we did not want to do burpees but we knocked 10 at a time snowflake stepped it up and said let’s do 20 at a time AYE! In family live, work, at your AO
I mentioned the Oscar mike foundation check them out https://www.oscarmike.org
BALL OF MAN: thankful for the ability to wake up in the gloom, not get rained on and being able to KEEP MOVING! AYE


Lugnuts mumble was on point, see #thehuey on slack for details. Geek squad brought the tunes, rocked to outcast, AC DC, and vanilla Ice. Way better mix then the count… who the hell is Bread Bread
Geek squad our fearless AOQ, recommend we all know someone who needs EHing. Reach out to them

tweeted this photo as total count of 8 this hit paste and accidentally added to back last.


  1. Come fellowship after work at 5 sharp Wednesday
  2. Friday run or ruck club fellowship after
  3. Convention March 30th the Huey will pack the black pearl with 12 HIM And a shovel flag AYE!

Thank you for your accountability 🦆