Co-Q (Lug Nut/Geek Squad 03/25)

QIC: Co-Q (Lugnut/Geeksquad)
Date: 03/25/2019
PAX: Geek Squad, Hasbro, Lugnut, Milkman, Truck-Yeah, Uturn
AO: The Huey


Seasonable. Dark. Early


As YHC did not discuss the Thang prior to the Gloom, we started off with a mosey around the track. There were some Bernie’s, Dips, and more mosey. Pax were sufficiently warm.

The Thang

Indian Run to start
The Thang around track (4 x = 1 mi)
4 poles to pavilion  4 poles after
Broad Jumps OYO to next pole (1st 2 laps; 2nd 2 replaced with lunges)
Kareokes (3 laps)  4th lap- Bernie Sanders
Mosey to Pavillion
Lap 1 &2
Wall sits.         15
Bus drivers.    15
Joe Frasier’s. 15
Ali s                 15
Lap 3
Merkins 15 OYO
Incline Merkins 15 OYO
Lap 4
Merkins 15 OYO
Dips 15
Next set of poles (3 laps)
Plank jacks x 15 SC. Mosey
Squats 15.  SC. Mosey 
Shoulder taps – 15. SC
Circled up for 84 LBC’s in honor of our combined age and then finished up with some good ole Freddie Mercuries. 
F3 Mission:  Plant, Grow, Serve



As I am about a week late with this backblast, I did not remember all the details of the COT. It has been a busier than usual week in my world and I do apologize for this. I made a commitment and did not fulfill it. With getting older comes more responsibility to both yourself and others. Always have a plan. Without it, you plan to fail.

Lug out.


GORUCK coming up in May – Look to slack for opportunities to serve.

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