Rug’s B-Day Q

QIC: Rug Doctor
Date: 04/13/2019
PAX: Blowout, Bubbles, Fastlane, Deep Dish, Mongo, Mrs. Baker, Mustang, 9Volt, Sidewinder
AO: The Battery


Rain, what else would we have at The Battery


Mosey down Greenway to lower parking lot.
SSH IC x15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
LBC’s Forward IC x 15
LBC’s Reverse IC x 15
Don Quixote’s IC x 15
Mosey to the Pavillion which was decorated with balloons, streamers, and a half-eaten cupcake (thanks 9Volt)!

The Thang

First Round:
Circuit – one-minute AMRAP for each station with 15 seconds rest of the following:
Goblet Squats with a 25lb weight
Banded overhead press with either black or purple band
Plank Jacks
Decline Merkins
Speed Rope
Kettle Bell Swings
50lb Sandbag Clean & Press
Star Jumps
Dips on Bench
Shoulder Tappy Taps
Farmers Step-ups With 60lbs
Banded Curls
Box Jumps on Bench
Renegade Rows with 15lb dumbells
Weighted lunges with 20lb dumbells in each hand
Overhead carry with 60lb sandbag
Mosey to parking lot to run suicides.
Repeat Round 1
Mosey to parking lot to run relay with sand bags in two teams while the remaining Pax holds Al Gore.


CIRCLE OF TRUST:  After 52 years I’ve learned one incontrovertible truth, time is fleeting.  Carpe Diem “Seize the Day”.  Read recently in Scripture (Psalm 90:9) “we spend our years as a tale that has been told”.  While it never resonated with me when I was young, the older I get the more I realize that time is fleeting and while it doesn’t actually increase in speed, it certainly seems so.  It is our responsibility to make the very most of each day.  To work hard, to love hard, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to strive for excellence, to learn, to give, to serve.  Each of us must purpose in our hearts that we’ll not waste one minute but prepare, plan, and make every second of every day count.  Carpe Diem!
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Blowouts Uncle and family.  Prayers for Fastlane’s wife and her Grandmother as they serve as her caregiver.  There were several other prayers for sickness.


In the midst of Round 1 of our workout, Deep Dish enlightened the PAX with the following:  Merkin (definition):

A pubic hair piece. A toupee for the pubic area/genitals. In the 1700’s when mercury was used to treat sexually transmitted diseases (Gonorrhea or Syphilis) one of the side effects was the loss of pubic hair. To disguise this condition, that was not cured by mercury, a Merkin was employed.
17th Century setting: Due to his treatment of the “French Pox” (syphilis) with mercury a merkin Gwendolyn used a Merkin to used to hide the side effects of hair loss and not alarm her husband.
We are all grateful for Deep Dish’s word of the week.


Don’t forget Black Op Monday’s at Fletcher Park and our new Wednesday morning workout at The Battery.
Saturday, May 25, 2019 – Murph at The Battery.