Threeskin at The Battery (04/17/2019)


QIC: Whittler

Date: 04/17/2019

PAX: Fissure, Mr. Clean, Sunburn, Candu, Iron Butt, She Shed, Belly Roll, PCH, Vila, Radiohead, Milkman, Ohms



A little cooler than expected but warm enough to break a sweat


We began with a little warmup of stadium stairs as multiple PAX were late arriving. We then transitioned to the track.

Arm circles x 15 both directions

windmills x 15

Cotton pickers x 15

Willie Mays Hays x 15

cherry pickers x 15

imperial walkers x 15

Moroccan Night club x 15

Plank x 10

Plank Jack x 10

The Thang

We moseyed around the track to the lone shining light on the field.
Grid of Death
I whipped out my large Weinke to reveal the Grid. First go round there were 5 rounds. Run 200m between rounds

8 count BB x1, x2, x3, x4, x5

Leg raises x2, x4, x6, x8, x10

Merkins x3, x6, x9, x12, x15

Flutter kicks x4, x8, x12, x16, x20

The Weinke was then flipped for 4 rounds

Flutter kick x16, x12, x8, x4

Merkins x12, x9, x6, x3

Leg raises x8, x6, x4, x2

8 CBB x4, x3, x2, x1

Cool down lap before Mary


Freddie Mercury x 15

LBC x15

Pretzel x 10 each leg

Reverse Pickle Pounder x 15

Pickle Pounder x 10

Plank x 10


I didn’t prepare a WOD today but my M sent me a podcast yesterday entitled “The Paradox if Progress”. While there were numerous salient points for me. Most applicable to me was his point about the priorities we have. We get so consumed with how we look, what we drive, where we live and other markers of status that we often forget why we have those things. We forget what’s important in life and what makes that all possible. Whether Christian or not, it’s important to realize that someone or something above ourselves aided us along the way. We work hard to make progress. We make progress to make us happy. We want happiness to enjoy our lives. The paradox comes when we’ve achieved all these things, we often forget how we got there and who helped us get there. So while we think we are making progress in life, we are actually regressing as people. I encourage everyone to sit back and appreciate how we got to where we are and give credit where credit is due.  


Surprisingly low MC today. I think we were all disturbed at the prospect of Iron Butt posting in a speedo on Saturday. 


CSAUP Saturday 

GoRuck in may

GrowRuck in August. 

I’m sure there will be pre-rucks galore.

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