Procutio and Wasntme “ride the Rhino”

QIC: Ducktales

Date: 04/18/2019

PAX: Geek squad, Hasbro, milkman, Radiohead, u-turn

AO: The Huey


Stars were out, warm and we warmed up quickly clothes were shed.

We heard that train a commin, in honor of Johnny , we OYO 10 burpees

The thing: mosey deck of death

1st station 7up

7 cards from the F3 official deck of death. Dealer of pain Geeksqaud.

Mosey to laundry

Heinz 57

Radiohead dealt 5 cards of pain ending with a 200 yard jail break!

U turn turned it up with 7 cards to complete the special sauce, that’s ok and not good on any single decent food. (Heinz 57) the sauce of the gloom was awesome.

Hasbro started of the Dr. Pepper 23 flavors

Milkman brought us home with a 3 cards pull of Three Musketeers



lookouts family F3 night ( unofficial)

scenic city F3 ruck club Friday ruck departing Longhorns restaurant 05:00 Friday Gloom

Csaup training 4/20 startex 03:00 lions den

my challenge to the PAX is to cut out that item in your diet that you know is bad for you. Weather it be a morning soda, a after work snack, chips and salsa when you get home ( I could eat A whole bag), or a mid night snack. I struggle with this and want to take my king and queen to the next level for Growruck. AYE?

Carpet the Diem

From Huey, with Love


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