Armstrong’s Summer Slay Sesh Part I

QIC: Candu

Date: 04/16/2019

PAX: Dirk, Sunburn (Respect), Ascot, Roadhouse (Respectx2), Vila, Ducktales, Iron Butt (Respectx2), She Shed, Sidetrack, Whoopy, Pink Eye, Prosciutto, Whittler

AO: The Boneyard


Frickin’ awesome


Mosey to front parking lot, circle up

SSH x 20 IC

Seal Claps x 20 IC

SSH x 15 IC

One Legged Bulgarians- extending both arms 10 each leg OYO

SSH x 15 IC

Squats x 10 IC

Shoulder Presses? Maybe LBACs? Moroccans?

Everyone got warm and that’s the most important part

Bus Burpees x 5 x 3?

SSH x 10 IC

The Thang – Armstrong’s Summer Slay Sesh Part I

Mosey back to workout area

Partner Up > Rotate In & Out of the following stations > 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off


Pull Ups

Chin Ups

Lateral Pulls

Leg Raises

Balance squats



Arm Rotator Machine Thingy

Incline Press

Rinse & Repeat in 30 second intervals w/ a 5 second break

Not real sure if we Maryed



Call yourself out if you need to. Make sure the Pax knows you want and need to be held accountable. Candu fartsacked twice the week before without kids. NO excuses. Candu also went 4 for 4 the week after. Getting my shortcomings off my chest helped. Be honest with yourself and with your support network. It’ll help you bounce back!


The Summer Slay will only get better. Just you wait. Get me back on Boneyard Q, V Squared!


No news is good news!

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