Never Alone: Many Hands Make Light Buddies

QIC: VSquared

Date: 04/04/2019

PAX: Venus, Skitch, Candu, The Count, Threeskin, Ringwald, Cowbell, Red Tees, Back Pew, Roadhouse, Sunshine,Flemish, Sunburn, Dirk, Sidekick

AO: Hill City (Coolidge Park)


Wonderful; 50 & Dry.


  1. Warm-Up (@Circle of Sacrifice):
    1. Side Straddle Hop 20 (in cadence)
    2. Stretches (focus on taking a good deep breath or two while in each of these positions): x5 sets:
      1. Forward Fold
      2. Squat Down
      3. Plank Position
      4. Half Merican
      5. Upward Dog
      6. Downward Dog
      7. Back to Fold Position
      8. Reach for the Sky
    3. Mosey to Great Hall:
      1. Ass Kickers
      2. High Knees
      3. 75% run to under bridge by rocks (select one for each hand)
    4. Find a Wall and Arms Up!
      1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
      2. Little Arm Circles backwards x10
      3. Cherry Pickers x10
      4. Moroccan Night Clubs x10
      5. Recover
      6. Side Straddle Hop (in cadence) x 40
    5. Mosey to Mt. Midoriyama in two lines.

The Thang

This is about being together; cords of many strands.

Many Hands Make Light Buddies:

    1. Grab the guy next to you, then grab the pair next to you – this is your team.
    2. This is an Ultra Dora!
      1. Round 1:
        1. Together you will start by doing a combined 400 LBCs.
        2. Then your team will bear crawl up the Mt.
        3. at the top, you will select a teammate and carry them down.
      2. Round 2:
        1. Now your team will do a collective 300 ‘Mericans.
        2. Bernie Sanders to the top.
        3. Carry a different teammate down.
      3. Round 3:
        1. your team will do a collective 200 Squats.
        2. Sprint up the hill
        3. Carry another different guy down.
      4. Round 4:
        1. 100 Collective Bur-pies.
        2. Side shuffle up the hill (switch sides halfway)
        3. Carry the final guy down.
      5. !!Did not get to complete!! One to grow on!
        1. Mosey to the bottom of the steps.
        2. Do a collective 200 dips.
        3. Box jump up together, in cadence, holding Al Gore in-between if your partner falls behind.
      6. Mosey back to the parking lot.
  1. Circle of Mary, in which 6 different HIM called out core based exercises.


A Good Recovery:

Many of us have specific things that have happened to us and that w have gotten ourselves into that require some specific attention, Praise God, and all of us have a disposition that at times makes really stupid decisions.

In all of these, we must employ some basic discipline and seek to grow from the inside out, from our hearts, and I believe we are given the strength to do this when the time is right – perhaps today is your day. Whenever that day comes to realize that there are three basic tenants to a good recovery, and these happen to parallel what is also good for our broken, unique, complex everyday lives.

They are:

  • Motivation based, in its healthiest form, of being a better you. Not just white knuckle duty bound actions but humble, thankful, hopeful, and anticipatory obedience and engagement. You find that you simply want to be who you are meant (created) to be and remove all barriers to that. It means some unraveling of who that is and a lot of unlearning false self-narratives. As you get serious about being that orders you will also become more outwardly focused (God and neighbor), but the baseline idea is that you have to get convinced and committed to being you.
  • Life Balance (holistic) to being healthy and happy; less cortisol (stress), the right sleep, more energy. Big and little shifts; dailies habits fall under this. This creates trust when it’s observed by a spouse. These are things that actually make you feel good in your regular structure, and these structures that shouldn’t be let go of when you leave that regular context for a time (travel, vaca, break) and can even provide super presence by continuing to execute even if it’s a little different. All this creates an ability to live in the present in vulnerable places to self, God and others.

Some intentional movements that fall under this category regularly are:

    • Exercise – where you are physically learning to overcome pain, like in recovery, and release stress, and build self-confidence.
    • Spiritually – time in the Bible; connection to your higher power and a revelation of our hearts.
    • Emotionally – connection to others. Meditation.

These little things can be what shifts recovery because you won’t be able to do these seemingly mundane things unless my motivation is right behind them. So if you can do this there is alignment at the base.

  • Cognitive Phycological Engagement: you start to notice your triggers and how you behave naturally out of your emotional mind. How to keep from being mindless (numbing) and not just letting your brain do its thing. Founding boundaries. “I actually do experience dozens of emotions a day.” Another tool is the spike narrative (a narrative in your head that exasperates your emotions towards impairments with lies, that you must learn to identify and step back from to reduce reactions and increase acceptance, induce management and increase responses. Managing thoughts and emotions so you can have behaviors). Again, this ties to your intentions, which you can’t truly be mindful about unless your willing to engage the deeper heart of the matter.

It’s easy to see how we can help each other with life balance, but there is an easy way in which we can help each other. In motivation and knowing our hearts, too. I learned an old Hebrew word this last week Ayeka, and in use it asks, “where are you?” Not just in a physical sense, be that legitimately important, but in an emotional and spiritual sense, too. The term construes longing, even sadness from the asker, and am authentic curiosity. This is the term God spoke to Adam in the garden of Eden after He first sinned, and it’s also a term we can speak to each other to both shows a tangible interest in that other man and his inherent divinity and reminds Him that the God of the Universe is keenly desirous to have his heart as well. Now that’s some motivation!

So think about the ways your engaging living and being better well, and those you might need some work in; think alps of those people in your life you can and should ask where they are at too, then pick one today and do it. Be an active listener and watch the fellowship we were created to do its work.


Recovery is a shit ton of work, though it’s better than addiction and more important than working out which is already something you get up and do regularly.

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