Badass Balanced Bootcamp at the Boneyard

QIC: VSquared

Date: 10/11/2019

PAX: Candu, GoKart, Skitch, Pitstop, FNG-2-Bit

AO: Boneyard


Cooler then usual, almost pleasant.


• Mosey to Blocks – Take one each.

• Mosey to long wall – grab a wall sit, block on legs.

• In wall sit do arm exercises … then curls.

• Mosey to tennis court w/ block – circle up.

• Forward fold, up dog, down dog.

• Plank position – 20 merkins in cadence.

• Side straddle hop – 20 in cadence.

The Thang

Balance is what this group was about. All muscle groups, all PAX involved.
Block based workout uses the extra weight to make the simple exercises completed compound the betterment!

• Line up one near side of the tennis court – set blocks on line.

• Bear Crawl to next line – 1 merkin

• Sprint back – 2 curls, 2 overhead presses, 2 squats, 2 merkins.

• Bear Crawl to next line – 3 merkins

• Sprint back – 4 curls, 4 overhead presses, 4 squats, 4 merkins.

• Etc … all lines counting up to 10 reps of each thing on the last round.

• When your done, pick up with the six.

• Mosey to exercise area – circle merkins while one guy does 5 pull ups.

• Hold plank – plank variants: one arm up, leg up.

• Circle of squats – one guy does 5 dips.

• Hold Al Gore – focus on form.

• Mosey to parking lot – circle of Mary.


Boundaries: I don’t know enough about them to even structure a good COT, but I do know we need them dearly. This was just an encouragement to find where you need yours. See other parts of your life that seem in balance and figure out what you value their that makes you take the effort of saying no to unbalancing things. Seek the help of older and wiser men around you, too.  Seasons change and so too will your balance need to change, so get int he practice of finding your center everyday and asking yourself what balance looks like that day – then flexing throughout the day to let it happen.


The thing that simultaneously makes a bootcamp so much better and worse: #coupons


Candu & VSquared to do the Tuesday Super Reader program at the Southside Rec Center on 10/29 – feel free to come join us and then grab a day for yourself!

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    One More Day; One More Time

    QIC: VSquared

    Date: 09/03/2019

    PAX: Pebbles, Iron Butt, Sunburn, Dirk, The Count, Cliffhanger

    AO: Boneyard


    Muggly (yes, like Harry Potter; lots of humans out there, no magic.)


    Warm-Up (@Front of Edu Building):

    1. Side Straddle Hop x32 (in cadence)
    2. ‘Mericans x32, hold 6 above ground until ALL finish.
    3. Slide into Updog, hold x32 sec, slide into Downdog, hold x32 sec, walk it back out.
    4. Jump Lunges x32.
    5. Mosey to middle parking lot.

    The Thang

    One More Day, One More Time

    1. Mosey to little workout area.
    2. Circle of Ups: Plank position, one at a time do five pull-ups, others hold plank, once one can do no more they call on the next guy to help them complete their five, continue until last person needs help.
    3. Circle of Downs: Switch to high dip bar, same process.
    4. Suicide Bear ‘Mericans: Mosey to tennis courts, Bernie by stone wall, line up on one side of the court, bear crawl to line 1, do one ‘merican, Bear crawl back, do two ‘merican, continue to 5 lines, join last PAX to finish out.
    5. Lunging Body Builders: Mosey to lighted parking lot, use lines to lunge to second line, do one body builder, lunge two more lines and do two body builders, continue 6 reps (12 lines) out.
    6. Invisible Sits: Mosey to long wall in back of Rec Center, wall sit position, do forward the side arm raises, then shoulder raises.
    7. Mosey back to parking lot.

    Circle of Mary, in which ## different HIM called out core based exercises, including some …


    Ok, here is the thing, it doesn’t happen all the time, but there are clear times in which we need help. I also don’t think it’s mere coincidence that we reach points on in our lives were it’s unavoidable. That’s another reason we’re here, because in addition to needing basic encouragement and comradely sometimes we need a hand up, a hand out. We get in ruts and places of quicksand, times when we get on thin ice that breaks under us, and we need help to just survive.

    However, times we actually have a choice to go it alone or to bring in brothers and friends, and most the time we go it alone. Rather it’s due to pride or shame or fear or anger we don’t reach out. If it’s a smaller issue then we pass up reaching out because “we don’t need to,” but in doing so we don’t practice and when the big things come around we can’t get around the barriers of our emotional impairments. But that’s what gets us in trouble, because when we get into big things it can mean big trouble for us and those around us on whom we have influence.

    We think we are suppose to be in control all the time; to not need each other because that means we are weak. That getting loud or quite will allow it to pass and us to move on. And some emotions are like that, but the places I’m talking about are always made better by someone else coming along side of us; Grabbing our feet as we pull or push up.

    So take a minute today to reach out. If nothing else practice. Maybe it’s a spouse in many cases or a friend or F3 brother, a peer or an elder depending on the issue. Make it happen now, honesty and humbleness, so that when your in a leading position where it’s more naturally lonely you have the skills to reach out and seek the help you need to keep supporting the people on whom you have significant impact.

    Mission of F3: Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.



    Frankly, this was a while ago – do your backblast on time!


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      Back & Forth @ The Landfill

      QIC: VSquared

      Date: 08/31/2019

      PAX: Uncle Fester, Candu, She Shed, Money Ball, Peanuts, Song Bird, Head Gasket, Whittler, Free Candy, Prosciutto, Sunburn, Back Pew, Pink Panther, Peach

      AO: Landfill


      Cool and Muggy.


      1. Warm-Up (@Circle of Sacrifice):
        1. Side Straddle Hop x50 (in cadence)
        2. ‘Mericans x40, hold 6 above ground until ALL finish.
        3. Slide into Updog, hold, slide into Downdog, hold, walk it back.
        4. Imperial Jumpers x30.
        5. Mosey to middle parking lot.

      The Thang

      Sometimes we end up where we think we started, thats how today will start. … One More Time:

      1. Big hill first:
        1. Circuit 1:
          1. Bear Crawl Up, join last Pax on the way up;
          2. Indian Run around field;
          3. Mosey to 1/3 way down, do left side abyss ‘mericans;
          4. Mosey to 2/3 way down, do right side abyss ‘mericans;
        2. Circuit 2: Lunge Up, etc.
        3. Circuit 3: Burney Sanders Up, etc.
        4. Circuit 4: Prison Break Up, etc.
      2. Pavilion Second:
        1. Dips x20;
        2. Squats x20;
        3. Decline Pushups x20;
        4. Jump Lunges x20 (each leg);
      3. Little hill third:
        1. Circuit 1:
          1. Bear Crawl Up, join last Pax on the way up;
          2. No run;
          3. Mosey to 1/3 way down, do left side abyss ‘mericans;
          4. Mosey to 2/3 way down, do right side abyss ‘mericans;
        2. Circuit 2: Lunge Up, etc.
        3. Circuit 3: Burney Sanders Up, etc.
        4. Circuit 4: Prison Break Up, etc.
      4. (!!Important!! Modify to reach for COT) Mosey back to upper parking lot where we started.
      5. Circle of Mary, in which ## different HIM called out core based exercises, including mostly good Ol’ core burners.


      Here is the thing, sometimes when we get into life it can feel like we are just going back and forth. Sometimes you even end up right back where you started. The same car problem, the same job, the same argument with your manager, or kids, or spouse, the same struggle, the same fall, the same guilt and shame and loneliness. Seemingly we are back to where, if we are honest with ourselves, we feared to come back to ever again. Maybe its not the worst loop you have ever experienced, but the same nagging doubt returns of if we’ll ever move or if we’re stuck and doomed to repeat this same story of rise and falling, back and forth.

      See, heres the thing though, your more complex then that, and just because your physical location there are so many more aspects of you to take into consideration. Holistically speaking your not only physical, your emotional, social, intellectual, social, and spiritual – to name a few aspects of the areas in which you have a significance presence and influence.

      I just want to encourage you to take a larger view of yourself, to realize that there is more to the process then what is most tangible. For me that understanding has come through my faith and my study of what the Bible says. Its says I’m more then those tings around me in which I can feel so stuck and fearful, and thats because someone else, Jesus, broke the cycle of back and forth, life to death.

      We are in the same place we started this morning, but your a little better for the trip we took in-between. Both the big trip we took and every little micro repetition you did, up and down, back and forth, that strained you and in the long run gave you a little more confidence, a little more faith that you’d make it up again. Not only that, but those with whom you have been with are a little better, too, and your both better then if you had taken that trip alone.

      What I mean by that is not that you might have been able to workout like this on your own – but even that’s debatable – rather it’s that the other parts of you gained today, too, and we’re most surely assisted in their growth by the men around you.

      So keep engaging. Keep showing up. Keep getting a little better. On top of helping yourself you also helping those around you; true to F3 focus your being built into and building leaders that will impact your community.

      Mission of F3: Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

      Run off 5 main principles:

      • Are free of charge
      • Are open to all men
      • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
      • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
      • End with a Circle of Trust

      BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


      Some of my best conversations come after being stuck on never ending hills with you guys. Lets keep that up, ‘casue in the end they all do end and I’m at least a little better for it!

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        Momentum & Camaraderie

        QIC: VSquared

        Date: 08/06/2019

        PAX: Sidekick, The Count, Dirk, Milk Man, Sunburn, Ducktales, Candu, Free Time, Peanuts, Cliffhanger

        AO: Boneyard


        Its summer in TN, what do you think #humidity


        1. sunrise yoga stretches
        2. imperial walkers
        3. side straddle hop
        4. ‘mercans
        5. mosey around track:
          1. regular mosey
          2. butt kickers
          3. high knees
          4. regular mosey

        The Thang

        keep it moving and keep your partner moving, too.

        Momentum & Camaraderie
        rotate through 4 stations doing #1 on each exercise sheet as much as possible (reps or distance) on the first round, #2 on the second, #3 on the third. Stay at your place until the team after you relieves you of your tasks. leader will need to start rotation each time. we only made it through 2 rounds.

        Station 1: 

        1. squat jumps, as many rounds up the steps as possible (walk or hop back down).
        2. lunges along steps back and forth.
        3. squats.

        Station 2:

        1. pull ups to max then assist one another to second max, third max, etc. (the fewer you do the more times you do them).
        2. dips to max twice then drop feet to assist to max on third time and following.
        3. push ups to max on wobbly stand as many times as possible.

        Station 3:

        1. berni sanders to first pole with flag as many times as possible.
        2. bear crawl to first pole with flag as many times as possible.
        3. crab walk to first pole with flag as many times as possible.

        Station 4:

        1. eight count body builders.
        2. eight count body builders.
        3. eight count body builders.

        Circle of Mary, where all twelve PAX got a chance to pick and count out their favorite core exercises.


        We gotta be about balance in our lives. There are moments when we have to reach out, don’t miss these or you might end up on your back somewhere. There are also moments when instead of pushing hard you have to take a breath and maintain a steady momentum. Missing those moments can result in burnout and all sorts of bad coping mechanisms  – unless you reach out AND have guys there who will listen and reach back. Listening actively is a two way street; do it seek it from others calling them towards it with your own examples and gracious prompts. You need it, and they need it. OYO doesn’t actually exist, because you are always influenced by someone around you. Ask yourself who that or those people are, are they good influences, then draw nearer; are they bad, cut ties. We only have 90 years or less, make a decision today that part of that 90 will be an example your proud to leave; make it an example of camaraderie and momentum. 


        I seem to remember getting my butt kicked by a certain 60 year old who I’m trying to hard to emulate and who is feeding off of the younger guys around him. Hell of an example for the words above.

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          Slow & Steady Freddy @ The Boneyard by VSquared- 07/02

          QIC: VSquared

          Date: 07/02/2019

          PAX: The Count, Iron Butt, Dirk, Vila, Candu, Ducktales, Sunburn, Bookworm, Peanuts

          AO: The Boneyard


          A Fine Gloom


          1. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
            1. Forward fold x10
            2. Upward dog x10
            3. Downward dog x10
          2. Willie Mays Hayes x10
          3. Imperial Walkers x20
          4. Merican’ x40
          5. Side Straddle Hop x30 (last x10 Double time)
          6. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little tennis courts while doing some high knees and butt kickers.

          The Thang

          Slow it down, stay in cadence.
          Slow & Steady Freddy
          Slowing it all down. Taking some good breaths. Consistently moving. Staying cadence with those around you while you hold the position. All of this is part of doing life well and being in community, why not practice it here on occasion.

            1. Legs (Tennis Court):
              1. Indian Lunges around the court.
              2. Bear Crawl Suicides with +5 Mercan’s in each line.
              3. Slow Squats x30
            2. Arms (Mini Workout Station):
              1. Mosey to retaining wall below T-court, line up, do Line O’ Dips count up by twos to 10 at a time (start once the guy in front of you hits his first set, then the guy in front can rest in dip position until others finish, too)
              2. Mosey to little workout area split up
                1. Pull Ups x10 (get a friend if you need assistance);
                2. Leg presses;
                3. Mercan’s on the unstable platform;
                4. Angle Ups;
                5. Sitting Butterfly Machine.
                6. Etc. depending on the number of PAX.
              3. Mary @ starting parking lot.


          Last time I lead at the beginning of the month I talked about getting back to the basics, and this month it’s been really hard for me with lots of travel and tons of piling up at work. I get really distracted when the odds of accomplishing something that feels significant start piling up against me. I lose sight of the basics.

          Two things I got reminded of recently are the Daily Office, or the practice of slowing down and allowing space to be present with your higher power, and the practice of Sabbath. Both of these are there to give us a true taste of freedom, and for me, this last month has needed those little things to keep drawing me back to faith.

          It’s needed some harder things, too, like deeper struggles with lust and fantasy, higher levels of depressive tendencies, and anxiety at work. But by my God’s Grace those things now push me towards my higher power most the time, and many times it’s on my Sabbath when for no other reason sometimes than being exhausted I get a sweet taste of faith is really about. Not just rest, much less laziness, but the balance of allowing oneself to be truly used and then finding the in-clings of a job well done.

          I’m far from mastering this balance, and this last month I’ve been reminded of that. But I have also found a deeper more sustained desire for that balance, and I’m encouraged by that. I hope you all will join me in seeking it more and more today and throughout your weeks.


          We all need others besides us sometimes, so don’t leave anyone in the dust that’s trying.


          See Slack for upcoming event announcements and details.

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            Back to the Basics: Boneyard: VSquared

            QIC: VSquared

            Date: 06/04/2019

            PAX: Candu, She Shed, Iron Butt, Whoopi, Count Down

            AO: The Boneyard


            Cool and Inviting


            1. Side Straddle Hop x30 (last x10 Double time)
            2. Willie Mays Hayes x10
            3. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
              1. Forward fold x10
              2. Upward dog x10
              3. Downward dog x10
            4. Imperial Walkers x20 
            5. Merican’ x40
            6. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little tennis courts while doing some high knees and butt kickers. 

            The Thang

            I have been needing to get back to my basics over the last several years and try to regain some long overlooked footing, so that’s what we are going to be doing this morning!

            Back to the Basics:

            !!Can be run by individuals or in pairs who keep cadence with one another.

            !! HOLD GOOD FORM.

            !! Start with high number reps and work backwards.

            1. Round 1:
              1. Legs (Tennis Court):
                1. Bipolar Burnie-sides: sprint to line, burnie back, sprint to next line, burnie back … 4 lines.
                2. Lunge back to opposite side when complete.
                3. Imperial Hoppers x20
                4. Squats x20
              2. Arms (Mini Workout Station):
                1. Pull Ups x20 (get a friend if you need assistance)
                2. ‘Mercan’s x20
                3. Straight Dips x20
                4. Sitting Butterfly Machine x20
              3. Mosey to 1.5 laps to next place and hold plank if its for arms or Al Gore if its for legs.
            2. Round 2: 3 lines and 15 each exercise.
            3. (Did not get to) Round 3: 2 lines and 10 each exercise.
            4. (Did not get to) Round 4: 1 line and 5 each exercise.
            5. Mary: mosey back to Circle and call out other men to lead. We got in ____ different sets of core exercises this morning!


            Getting back to the basics is something I have never wanted to do; I just want to keep advancing and seeing and showing how adept and in control of my surroundings I am. But the older I get the more I’m learning that Jesus comments about childlike faith were serious, and the more I’m coming to enjoy getting back to the basics.

            The process we go through day in and day out, year in and year out is really rather simple isn’t it; crash/discipline, repent, remember, rise. Its what is sometimes referred to as sanctification, and what we know here at F3 as getting better. It’s why we are out here every morning.

            That said, we are each unique, and to some extent have our own basics that we must get back to – in some case without ever really coming from those places to start. I know that in my case despite being very much like my Dad who defined the culture of our family and much of its structured operation there are ways that I’m different and am having to learn a path that was never laid out or displayed for me. 

            So too will you have to do this in various areas of your life. Where do you really thrive; not just succeed but find joy in your investment? Where do you rest? How do you love and enjoy being loved on? Digging at the answers to these questions and many more provide us with a healthy life balance based on greater knowledge of ourselves that allows for deepened intimacy with our Greater Power those around us and even ourselves.

            But there are also general means of getting better, or means of grace as my church calls them – since we and I believe that our deepest issues are ones that only our Greater Power can address and provide ways to grow through. 

            These means as outlines by my faith and Greater Power are: the book He left us, the Bible; the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper, or the public declaration of our faith and the regular confession of sin and acceptance of grace; and prayer, or simply intentionally talking with Him.

            So what are you means of getting better both in general and personally. What cadence to life have you found that leaves you learning and loving well? I want to challenge you think about that today and keep getting better.


            I did enjoy this smaller group of HIM, and its exactly what I needed to shake off a shitty Monday.


            [Fill in News, Upcoming Q’s, Events, etc.]

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              Better By Fear

              QIC: VSquared

              Date: 05/14/2019

              PAX: Iron Butt, Sunburn, Durk, Vila, Ducktales, She Shed

              AO: Boneyard




              Warm Up:

              1. Imperial walker x30
              2. Willie Mays Hayes x12
              3. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
                1. Forward fold x12
                2. Downward dog x12
                3. Upward dog x12
              4. Side startle hop x50 (last x10 double time)
              5. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little workout place.

              The Thang

              The Murph Scares Me; So Let’s Get Prepared
              The Simple(r) Mini Murph
              (A Dora based exercise between a group of 3 Pax)

              1. One Pax will run around the playground area.
              2. A second Pax will be doing as many LBCs as possible in during that lap
              3. The final Pax will be pumping out as many of the following exercises as possible to reach the allotted number of each. The Pax will tally their numbers to get there.
                1. Pull Ups (x100)
                2. Merican’s (Push Ups)(x200)
                3. Squats (x300)(modify up by doing them on the wobbly base)
              4. Mary: mosey back to Circle and call out other men to lead. We got in six different sets of core excercises this morning!


              Because some things are worth preparing for God gave us fear.

              It’s really quite simple. We wouldn’t do shit unless we saw something in it for us. This helps us survive in many cases, but can also prove to be a barrier to addressing areas of our lives that are unhealthy. Fear is produced by various things that trigger us emotionally and we have a fight, flight, or hide choice at that moment. There are undoubtedly times to all of those responses, but fear is particularly notorious for giving us reason to run when we should fight, or try to engage something when we really need to just sit there in it and let it pass.

              Identify it, examine it and the effect it has on you (repeat if necessary), seek the best way you can respond to that situation that is triggering you and what would actually motivate you to action, and then do it. This sentence long process can and will take a lifetime of slowly learning one thing then another about our fearful hearts and unlearning and learning various aspects of truth and how it applies to our lives. This is the process we must fall in love with, though until heaven will always find our selfish finite selves in tension with.

              The ultimate place we see this need for becoming connected to the process is in our sanctification from a sinful heart and flesh, and the motivation that drives it is found in the gospel that both makes it possible by propitiation and imputation (look those words up!). That one man had enough empathy and fear for another to whom He owed nothing that He gave his life for that other men – for all other men. We are called to fear that which we had to be made holy before and that our sinful bodies are not capable of not sinning and disappointing our great and merciful God.

              So what we do out here is small, but we come together to fight fears of guilt, shame, loneliness, sadness, bad health – all of these and more have driven us to prepare by attendance; by doing the hardest part of getting out of the bed each morning we work out. And that sets the precedence for the rest of our day(s). May we not operate without fear, for where would any motivation be found!? Get to know yourself, and let us interact with fear well as we come away with a motivation that won’t as easily falter.

              Cheers to a fear-filled day – HIM!


              Don’t challenge the old guys to a pull-up contest. Damn.


              Murph and Fallen 5 Ruck; see Slack for details.

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                Never Alone: Many Hands Make Light Buddies

                QIC: VSquared

                Date: 04/04/2019

                PAX: Venus, Skitch, Candu, The Count, Threeskin, Ringwald, Cowbell, Red Tees, Back Pew, Roadhouse, Sunshine,Flemish, Sunburn, Dirk, Sidekick

                AO: Hill City (Coolidge Park)


                Wonderful; 50 & Dry.


                1. Warm-Up (@Circle of Sacrifice):
                  1. Side Straddle Hop 20 (in cadence)
                  2. Stretches (focus on taking a good deep breath or two while in each of these positions): x5 sets:
                    1. Forward Fold
                    2. Squat Down
                    3. Plank Position
                    4. Half Merican
                    5. Upward Dog
                    6. Downward Dog
                    7. Back to Fold Position
                    8. Reach for the Sky
                  3. Mosey to Great Hall:
                    1. Ass Kickers
                    2. High Knees
                    3. 75% run to under bridge by rocks (select one for each hand)
                  4. Find a Wall and Arms Up!
                    1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
                    2. Little Arm Circles backwards x10
                    3. Cherry Pickers x10
                    4. Moroccan Night Clubs x10
                    5. Recover
                    6. Side Straddle Hop (in cadence) x 40
                  5. Mosey to Mt. Midoriyama in two lines.

                The Thang

                This is about being together; cords of many strands.

                Many Hands Make Light Buddies:

                  1. Grab the guy next to you, then grab the pair next to you – this is your team.
                  2. This is an Ultra Dora!
                    1. Round 1:
                      1. Together you will start by doing a combined 400 LBCs.
                      2. Then your team will bear crawl up the Mt.
                      3. at the top, you will select a teammate and carry them down.
                    2. Round 2:
                      1. Now your team will do a collective 300 ‘Mericans.
                      2. Bernie Sanders to the top.
                      3. Carry a different teammate down.
                    3. Round 3:
                      1. your team will do a collective 200 Squats.
                      2. Sprint up the hill
                      3. Carry another different guy down.
                    4. Round 4:
                      1. 100 Collective Bur-pies.
                      2. Side shuffle up the hill (switch sides halfway)
                      3. Carry the final guy down.
                    5. !!Did not get to complete!! One to grow on!
                      1. Mosey to the bottom of the steps.
                      2. Do a collective 200 dips.
                      3. Box jump up together, in cadence, holding Al Gore in-between if your partner falls behind.
                    6. Mosey back to the parking lot.
                1. Circle of Mary, in which 6 different HIM called out core based exercises.


                A Good Recovery:

                Many of us have specific things that have happened to us and that w have gotten ourselves into that require some specific attention, Praise God, and all of us have a disposition that at times makes really stupid decisions.

                In all of these, we must employ some basic discipline and seek to grow from the inside out, from our hearts, and I believe we are given the strength to do this when the time is right – perhaps today is your day. Whenever that day comes to realize that there are three basic tenants to a good recovery, and these happen to parallel what is also good for our broken, unique, complex everyday lives.

                They are:

                • Motivation based, in its healthiest form, of being a better you. Not just white knuckle duty bound actions but humble, thankful, hopeful, and anticipatory obedience and engagement. You find that you simply want to be who you are meant (created) to be and remove all barriers to that. It means some unraveling of who that is and a lot of unlearning false self-narratives. As you get serious about being that orders you will also become more outwardly focused (God and neighbor), but the baseline idea is that you have to get convinced and committed to being you.
                • Life Balance (holistic) to being healthy and happy; less cortisol (stress), the right sleep, more energy. Big and little shifts; dailies habits fall under this. This creates trust when it’s observed by a spouse. These are things that actually make you feel good in your regular structure, and these structures that shouldn’t be let go of when you leave that regular context for a time (travel, vaca, break) and can even provide super presence by continuing to execute even if it’s a little different. All this creates an ability to live in the present in vulnerable places to self, God and others.

                Some intentional movements that fall under this category regularly are:

                  • Exercise – where you are physically learning to overcome pain, like in recovery, and release stress, and build self-confidence.
                  • Spiritually – time in the Bible; connection to your higher power and a revelation of our hearts.
                  • Emotionally – connection to others. Meditation.

                These little things can be what shifts recovery because you won’t be able to do these seemingly mundane things unless my motivation is right behind them. So if you can do this there is alignment at the base.

                • Cognitive Phycological Engagement: you start to notice your triggers and how you behave naturally out of your emotional mind. How to keep from being mindless (numbing) and not just letting your brain do its thing. Founding boundaries. “I actually do experience dozens of emotions a day.” Another tool is the spike narrative (a narrative in your head that exasperates your emotions towards impairments with lies, that you must learn to identify and step back from to reduce reactions and increase acceptance, induce management and increase responses. Managing thoughts and emotions so you can have behaviors). Again, this ties to your intentions, which you can’t truly be mindful about unless your willing to engage the deeper heart of the matter.

                It’s easy to see how we can help each other with life balance, but there is an easy way in which we can help each other. In motivation and knowing our hearts, too. I learned an old Hebrew word this last week Ayeka, and in use it asks, “where are you?” Not just in a physical sense, be that legitimately important, but in an emotional and spiritual sense, too. The term construes longing, even sadness from the asker, and am authentic curiosity. This is the term God spoke to Adam in the garden of Eden after He first sinned, and it’s also a term we can speak to each other to both shows a tangible interest in that other man and his inherent divinity and reminds Him that the God of the Universe is keenly desirous to have his heart as well. Now that’s some motivation!

                So think about the ways your engaging living and being better well, and those you might need some work in; think alps of those people in your life you can and should ask where they are at too, then pick one today and do it. Be an active listener and watch the fellowship we were created to do its work.


                Recovery is a shit ton of work, though it’s better than addiction and more important than working out which is already something you get up and do regularly.

                Recent Backblasts

                  Commitment to Community & Growth

                  QIC: VSquared
                  Date: 03/26/2019
                  PAX: Free Candy, Threeskin, Iron Butt, Road House, Dirk, Sunburn, Fissure, She Shed, Best in Show, FNG-Whoopi, Peanuts, Ducktales, Sidekick
                  AO: Boneyard




                  The Disclaimer:

                  This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout.

                  I am not a professional.

                  I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations.

                  It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to.

                  Do not get hurt.

                  But if you do we will carry you to your car if necessary.


                  1. Warm-Up (@ Parking Lot 1):
                    1. Meet in parking lot, legs warm up:
                      1. Forward Fold (x10)
                      2. Abe Bigotas (x10)
                      3. (On 6) Bicycles (x20)
                      4. ¡Recover!
                      5. Imperial Walkers (x20)
                      6. Squats (x10)
                    2. Mosey around the back of the loop
                      1. Ass Kickers
                      2. High Knees
                      3. 75% run to under bridge by rocks (select one
                      4. for each hand)
                    3. To Tennis Court (all the way up the sidewalk and back down the path) and Arms Up!
                      1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
                      2. Little Arm Circles backward x10
                      3. Cherry Pickers (x10)
                      4. Moroccan Nightclub (x10)
                      5. (On belly) Push Ups (x40, oyo), hood plank until everyone finishes!
                      6. Up Dog, Down Dog;
                      7. ¡Recover!
                      8. Two lines, mosey back down the path and around, guy next to you is your partner.

                  The Thang

                  Title of exercises or routine

                    1. Mosey to workout equipment: Modified Dora: as many as possible of each piece of equipment while the other fell runs to home plate and back.
                      1. Shoulder Press;
                      2. Forward Bend;
                      3. Leg Raisers;
                      4. Dip Bars;
                      5. Box Jumps (pick your station);
                      6. Pull Ups;
                      7. Squats on the wobbly station;
                      8. Mericans on the other wobbly station;
                      9. Leg Press.
                    2. Mosey up to lot #3 for CoM.
                  1. Circle of Mary,
                    1. ## different HIM called out core based exercises.


                  “Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

                  Look around:

                  Think about your neighbors,

                  that’s who your here for;

                  Think about your places of worship and fellow worshipers,

                  that’s who your here for.

                  Think about our families,

                  that’s who your here for.

                  Pinch yourselves 😉

                  That’s who your here for.

                  Take a moment of silence, remember those who have given their lives both recently and in history past for your life, liberty, and property,

                  that’s who your here for.

                  Think about your God,

                  that’s who you will answer to and are here for.

                  Take another look around,

                  see those other men who you struggled with this morning, who you have been struggling with for many mornings?

                  That’s who your here for,

                  because all of the above starts right here in our circles, in our cadence, and our sweet, and fellowship and faith.

                  There are other things that go along with a good start that we have been talking about recently, making your bed, getting in the Word of God, and in your place of communal worship, and being an intentional part of the health of your body and community is a damn good addition.

                  Your own transformations and the opening this new AO should be encouragements to us all that this our efforts yield results even in the short run.

                  So keep it. Keep showing up! Rather it’s here or at another AO, keep those reasons you show up in mind and that alarm clock will start to turn into a trumpet calling you to another chance to steward those significant things a little better and that will spill over into other areas of your life, too.

                  Thanks for being here, Fellas, thanks for giving me another good reason and a great platform to get up.

                  Simultaneously I want to call you to commit to growth, because growth takes commitment to place. Sometimes we are called to change place and sometimes we are called to stay. We see this all around us, though that theme is particularly relevant in the Bible.

                  This morning I want to ask you to commit this place. Commit to showing up not only regularly but here. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever visit other AOs or go to other AOs on other days, but it’s something we have to do be come a coherent super local group.

                  That is a unique thing about F3 Chattanooga, and we have seen it grow Hill City like crazy and it’s grown in Cleveland like crazy because it was a group of super locals that are committed to consistency in that place. So let’s commit to South Chattanooga at least until we are called to commit somewhere else. 

                  It will mean being around some different men regularly, but it will also yield great places for other men to step into the circle. If we want F3 to keep growing we have to commit to consistency and to place. Find the place that is right for you, make sure that it has the right risk/tension/growth factors and commit.

                  Thank you for joining me today as we start that process here in South Chattanooga. I hope to see you again next week.

                  Closed with CoT and BoM.


                  Only had to dodge one bullet … as it lay on the ground in the parking lot. Awesome group of guys that I am so excited to get to know better as we plant and grow this old Boneyard!

                  Recent Backblasts

                    Up & Up! (03/02)

                    QIC: VSquared
                    Date: 03/02/2019
                    PAX: Peanuts, Candu, Back Pew, Skitch, Odd Job, Cowbell, Sunburn, Free Candy, Radio Head, FNG-Belly Roll, Roadhouse, Iron Butt, Money Ball, FNG-Icy Hot, Geek Squad, She Shed
                    AO: Landfill


                    Cool, not cold.

                    The Disclaimer

                    This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout.
                    I am not a professional.
                    I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations.
                    It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to.
                    Do not get hurt.
                    But if you do we will carry you to your car if necessary.


                    1. Warm-Up:
                      1. Side Straddle Hop x50 (in cadence)
                      2. Ave Bigoda x20 (in cadence)
                      3. ‘Mercans x40 (oyo)
                    2. Mosey down to lowest parking lot while …
                        1. Ass Kickers
                        2. High Knees
                      1. Then Arms Up!
                        1. Nancy Caragans:
                          1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
                          2. Little Arm Circles backwards x10
                        2. Squat position, Cherry Picker x10 (four count)
                      2. Mosey to back up to the playground (“not all the way to the top!”)

                    The Thang

                    1. At Playground Dora: Partner Up!
                      1. 50 four count “Crunch Ups” // Burney Sanders up hill/mosey down hill
                      2. 100 Dips // sprint up hill
                      3. 50 Pull Ups // Lunges from playground wall to pavilion and/mosey back
                    2. Mosey to base of big hill via sidewalk
                    3. At Hillside:
                      1. “The Pass”: Number off in 2-3 groups and pick a good sized rock!
                        1. Line up up the hill in groups with rock at bottom
                        2. Hold squat facing up hill while passing rock up the hill between your legs
                        3. Back guy jail breaks to the front
                      2. Crab-walk back down (oyó)
                      3. Pass it up again
                        1. Line up up the hill in groups with rock at bottom
                        2. Hold squat facing down hill while passing rock up the hill between your legs
                        3. Back guy Burney Sanders to the front
                      4. Circle of plank until all teams are done!
                      5. If time permits leave rock at top of hill, hold on to your teams of 4-5 men, and do a team carry of each man to the top of the hill.
                      6. Put rocks back while cool down mosey.
                    4. Circle of Mary, in which ## different HIM called out core based exercises, including some …


                    I have been thinking a lot about my goals lately, most specifically how I can better position myself to accomplish them. We all operate under some combination of deep duty and surface passion, but where ever we fall in thy ratio our actions are based on a series of beliefs. So in an effort to accomplish some deep goals in my recovery, marriage and relationship with God and my community I have been trying to focus on my honest and truthful priorities. What are the things I value most?
                    I want to encourage you all to think about this, and what that means for your everyday lives. For me it means a turning in its head of some of my regular priorities, and – though I am not good at it yet – I’m learning that some of the simpler mundane practices of devotions, exercise, washing dishes and clothes, and taking deep breaths are those that I must prioritize so that I can best pursue being the son, husband and self that I long and was indeed made to be.
                    Other important thing still have significant weight in where and how I invest my time talent and treasure, but less at the cost of those things I used to find less appealing. So I appeal to you to think about what you most care for and desire and how that must impact your everyday lives.


                    Have you ever spent that much time staring at another fella’s backend? You have my pity.