Uncle Dirty MacDeuce

QIC: Mr. Clean

Date: 04/29/2019

PAX: Fissure, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Lugnut, Milkman, Radiohead, Truck Yeah, U-Turn

AO: The Huey


Clear Skies. Cool and brisk. Perfect day for a sweaty beat down! 


SSH x16 IC

Flutter Kicks x8 IC

SSH x14 IC

Flutter Kicks x6 IC

SSH x12 IC

Flutter Kicks x4 IC

SSH x10 IC

Flutter Kicks x2 IC

The Thang

YHC spent the past week out of the Gloom (horrible times) and came back today to Q (super rewarding times).  GrowRuck is coming and August and frankly, YHC is super pumped about it!! Well, Uncle is one of the Q’s for the weekend.  YHC reached out to Dark Helmet, Slaughter, and him to get their favorite routines.  Heard from him first, so The Dirty MacDeuce it is!

Dirty MacDeuce

Round 1

Merkins x12 IC

Flutter Kicks x12 IC

Squats x12 IC

Run 200M

Round 2

Incline Merkins x12 IC

Calf Raises x12 IC

Leg Raises x12 IC

Run 200M

Round 3

Pull-Ups/Inverted Rows x12 OYO

Plank x12 IC

Squats x12 IC

Run 200M

Round 4

Derkins x12 IC

LBCs x12 IC

Step-Ups x12 OYO




150- Monkey Humpers


Missing a week sucks. Plain and simple.  Try not to miss a week of the Gloom.  Why? Glad you asked? Greater bonds meld within a team in adverse conditions.  Embracing the Suck in the Gloom should produce, at least in some form, a little love for your Brothers in F3.  The way you make sure of that…show up.


YHC did not catch a lot of the MC this morning…guess the Qdrenaline was strong.

Truck Yeah was impressed YHC did not have his Weinke 

Fissure assured everyone he will spread the love if given Almond Joys

YHC’s calf raises were mistaken as Monkey Humpers

Hasbro is continuing to work on his Situational Awareness

Geek Squad is continuing to mentor Hasbro in his Situational Awareness

“GrowRuck is kinda like what did this morning, but just a little harder” — Fissure


At least 5 confirmed HIM in the GoRuck Tough on Friday night. 

At least 2 confirmed HIM in the GoRuck Light on Saturday.

GrowRuck August 23-25!!!!!!! Sign-Up! 

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