Mayday (05/01)

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 05/01/2019

PAX: 9Volt, Deep Dish, Fastlane, Sidewinder

AO: The Battery


Dark, muggy, warm enough


Quick mosey (9Volt expressed surprise it wasn’t an Indian Run, so an audible was called to accommodate his request) from the flags down the greenway, hanging a left at the dog park. Picked up Threeskin’s Cookie Jar (bucket with ~30 lbs of gravel) on the return, and took it for a run, passing it to end of pax and continuing the Indian Run up Hell Hill. DeepDish sprinted up the hill with it. 

Dropped off Cookie Jar, circled up at pool parking lot. 

SSH IC x25

Burpees OYOx5

SSH ICx 21

Willie Mays Hayes ICx21



Reverse LBAC ICx21

Moroccan night clubs ICx21


Don Quixotes ICx21

Tonya Hardings x5, each leg (stand on one leg, pull knee towards ribs and hold). 

Wall sit and pass the Cookie Jar two full turns. 

The Thang

Blackjack with complete merkins on one end, threeways on the other. 
Complete merkin is a regular pushup, up into a Carolina Dry Dock. Threeway is a BB sit up, into a reverse crunch, finishing with a hello Dolly. Rinse, repeat. 

Started with 1/20, running across parking lot between exercises. Pax waiting for six at ab station held Cobra pose instead of plank. 

Due to time, audible was called at 10/11 to convert to regular merkins and big boy situps. We got to 17/4 before two minute warning. 

Wall sit while passing Cookie Jar for two minutes. 




A buddy of mine reached out to me recently and told me about how depressed and lonely he is. We talked for a while (and have breakfast plans), but he’s not at all the kind of guy you would expect this out of. Male loneliness is real, even if we’re surrounded by people, and you never know who is struggling. Take a few moments to affirm someone else today, even if it’s just a hand on a shoulder. You never know whose life you may save. 

And yes, the EH is in process. 

BALL OF MAN: prayers for Fastlane’s GiL, and his daughter who is finishing high school. Yikes. Fastlane led us out. 


Sidewinder bestowed title of Honorary Old Guy to YHC, which at the Battery is a righteous honor. I’m not above calling for respect at other AOs.

Situps on asphalt suck. Not a single 10 count was requested, though we were all pretty well smoked. Situps on asphalt suck. I know I wrote it twice. 


Mrs Baker is on Saturday, and his VQ was brutal. As summer starts, it’ll be harder and harder to commit to Saturday mornings, but we need to keep at it. 

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