Give Me A 10 Count – 05/13 (Huey)

QIC: Lugnut

Date: 05/13/2019

PAX: Hasbro, Hector, Mr Clean, U-Turn, Geek squad, Ducktales, Red tees, Milk Man

AO: The Huey


64 Degrees and Wonderful


Cherry pickers – 20 IC

Bolt 45’s – IC (4 Count) – 15 squats to halfway down.  15 squats halfway to full down.  15 full squats.

Forward Fold 15 IC

10 Merkins OYO


10 Burpees OYO

The Thang

Run to first light pole and perform 1 rep of prescribed exercise, second pole then perform 2 and so on. If next light is not lit, perform double the previous number.


Pickle Pounders 4 count



Monkey Humpers 4 count

Each lap around we will complete 5 burpees OYO.

This proved to be a lot tougher than YHC had expected. Feel the burn.


Each PAX called out an exercise.

Fissure Kicks

Pickle Pounders

On your back. On your Belly

10 count Hector

As the PAX were calling out exercises for our MOM. Hector decided that the next exercise would be a 10 count. The mumble chatter ensued. 


We discussed the devotional I had read the previous night from Tim Tebow.

Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” 

This is the day that God has made. This day. Right now. Whatever moment you are breathing in, God made this day. Even when times are tough, something about this day is good. 

This is the day to live without fear of the unknown, without being chained by failure or what-ifs. This is the day to be willing to change, to be open, to believe, to hope. If we don’t attack each day with this intentionality, it’s almost like telling God, “Thanks, but no thanks.” 

Prayers were asked for Clean and his family as well as Angus and all the unspoken. 


Ducktales was late, still gave 110% as always. Hector and the 10 count is one of my favorite exercises so far in F3. Hasbro found a mushy land mine toward the end. 


Fallen Five Ruck, see Clean or Duck for details. Don’t forget to EH. We need everyone in Chattanooga to be a HIM.

Lug Out

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