We up’d our average, so…

QIC: threeskin

Date: 05/14/2019

PAX: Flemish, Goose, Hobo, Red Tees, Skitch, Sidekick, Sunshine

AO: Hill City


Coldest day of May


Just in case anyone forgot.


SSHs – in-between everything x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Good Mornings x 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC
Forward Folds x 10 IC
F3 Arms x 10 IC
Calf Stretch 

The Thang

Blue Rhino Relay

Team Up: use the loop up Tremont for a timer – fast/slow advantage
Runner yells switch upon return.  

Round One:
Team: Rotate 8 ct BBs while each PAX takes a turn running

Round Two:
Rest of team: complete two cycles to win
Imperial Walkers

Round Three:
Rest of team: complete two cycles to win
Pickle Pointers
Speed Walk (hahahaha)

Pretzel Crunch
Freddie Mercury
Dying Cockroach 


Law of the Inner Circle: you are the average of the people you surround yourself with. 
There are 2 ways to look at this, I you bringing the average up or down? What can you do to affect change?
CIRCLE OF TRUST: The terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


Sprints, no matter how many, are difficult.

Speed Walking is definitely a sport.


Memorial Day Murph
Fallen Five Ruck

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