The thriller

QIC: Ducktales

Date: 04/30/2019

PAX: Dirk, Peanuts, Ironbutt, Roadhouse, Whoopi, CANDU, Sidekick

AO: Boneyard


Always like the thriller at the boneyard


Burpee tuck Jumps 10 oyo

10 Wide mericans

15 flutter kicks IC


10 box jumps up bleachers oyo

Mosey to the gym

The Thang

Circle of Plank
Pax hold plank in circle 2 at a time did 5 pull ups

Mosey to Great Wall

Bear crawl to city food

10 diamond mericans IC

Mosey to tennis court

Karaoke, Bernie, karaoke, mosey 3 times around court.

Mosey to back of teachers lot

Pickles were pounded IC

Seal claps IC

Another round circle plank



I wanted to cut out 4 minutes early to make a breakfast meeting and sidekick called me out for more pull ups! We pull used and planked till 6:15


Growruck August 23rd weekend.

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