Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

QIC: Venus

Date: 05/23/2019

PAX: Best in Show, Blindside, Candu, Cowbell, Dirk, Fabio, Flemish, FNG-Hamburglar, Free candy, HoBo, IronButt, Loanshark, Prositto, Skitch, Sunshine, The Count, Uncle Fester, WasntMe

AO: Hill City


Pleasant with a lot of Humidity a light northerly breeze 74 degrees


Run to great hall
Cherry pickers ICX15
Baby arm circles F/R IC15
Forward fold IC 10 count
Reach right/reach left IC 10 Count
Lean right and left IC 10 Cunt 
Freddie Mercury ICX5 each side
Forward fold Hold of 10 Count
Reach right/reach left ICX5

The Thang

Run to stairs 
Round 1
Assemble at the bottom of the stairs
Pair up and one person box jumps up 8 stairs then hold Al gore: next partner repeats till both pairs reach the top. Hold Al Gore till entire group finished
Repeat 2x
Round 2
Mount Midoriyama
Stay in partners first person runs (moderate pace) up to the top while other partner jump squats. Then switch.
Repeat 2x
Round 3
First person runs (moderate pace) up to the top while other partner scissor jump lunges squats. Then switch.
Repeat 2x
Round 4
Jail break sprint up steep part of hill next to  Mount Midoriyama. Repeat 2x
Run Back to Blue Rhino
BBC’s slow count ICX15
American hammer slow count ICx15 lead by the Count “Q got a cramp”
Plank hold for 45 sec
Forward Fold ICX15
Lean Right ICX15
Lean Left ICX15
On your six hamstring and butt behind the knee pull


Do something uncomfortable.  Step out of your comfort zone and find something you can do that is short, medium, and long term goal.  For me… Get to F3 more than once a week; i would like to get my masters like Iron Butt did. I would like to get connected at work from a volunteer leadership standpoint. Decide for yourself and set S.M.A.R.T Goals to accomplish you dreams and goals. 


The Q got an ab cramp and had to stop and The Count had to take over.


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