Just One More…

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 05/24/2019

PAX: Prosciutto, MaYhem(R), Yodeler, Sidekick, 9Volt(R), Fastlane

AO: Hacksaw


Warm and muggy


Mosey under Apison Pike, circle up in sheriff’s parking lot

5 burpees OYO
WillieMaysHays x20 IC
3rd Grade Exercises x20 IC
5 burpees OYO
-Randy Style-
LBAC x20 IC – forward and reverse
Seal Claps x20 IC
Plankjacks x 20 IC
Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
SSH x 25 IC

jailbreak across Apison Pike back to Domino’s lot

The Thang

Cookie Jar Air Chairs
PAX grab a spot on sidewall of shopping center. Air chair, and pass Threeskin’s Cookie Jar (~30lbs or so) back and forth down the line x4.
Do it again, but this time 5 merkins as fast as possible after passing the Jar, reclaim the air chair, reclaim the Jar, reclaim the merkins. x4
Do it again, but this time 5 shoulder presses w/ Jar while holding air chair x4.

Recover, and mosey to the Great Flag

Bearcrawl Boilermaker
PAX line up in single file, and hold plank. PAX at back of line bearcrawls to the front, while second-to-last PAX in line calls out control freak merkins (up/down as many or few as caller wants) for the line to complete. Once bearcrawler gets to the front, Halt is called, and the second-to-last man is now the bearcrawler. Rinse/repeat. Inchwormed across the front of the Great Flags to complete a half circle.

Line up and go back to where we started, but on the six. Bearcrawler is now crabwalking to the front, and the second-to-last PAX calls Freddie Mercuries.

Back the other direction, PAX resume and hold plank position. Last man bearcrawls, rest of PAX hold plank to failure. Bearcrawl/inchworm to the Anchor to create another half-circle.

Jailbreak across the field and back

Dealers choice Mary:

Pretzel crunches
Leg raises
Hello Dollies
Captain Thors
Dying cockroach.



During warmup, final cadence was called with “Just One More,” instead of altering vocal tone or a countdown. The Hacksaw is so named for Desmond Doss, whose statue overlooks the park. Doss was a Medal of Honor recipient who saved so many injured men during the Pacific theater of WWII. 
When Doss was pulling injured soldiers off the ridge, he was praying for the strength to get “Just One More.” It’s easy to get down in the dumps about life’s challenges, especially when it’s feeling overwhelming. But YHC is challenging the PAX to instead ask for the ability to handle Just One More obstacle, adversity, or challenge. Instead of praying for the difficulties to go away, we should follow Doss’ example and pray for the ability to tackle Just One More – whatever it may be.


Good to have Sidekick back from Raleigh – he was welcomed with MonkeyHumpers. Fastlane isn’t allowed to call cadence for control freak merkins. Sadist. Yodeler posted twice in his first week – bravo; also, he’s Skitch fast. MaYhem says he’s over 50, but no one believes this is possible. 9Volt understands your basic Looney Toons-level Spanish.


Murph on Memorial Day, Fallen Five ruck challenge for ruckers who ruck on the ruck channel. Hacksaw “officially” launches 6/7, though this feels pretty official.

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