Runnin’ Stadiums

QIC:  Goose

Date: 06/05/2019

PAX:  The Count, Early Bird, Ohms, She Shed, Sunburn, Milkman, Peanuts, Red Tees

AO: Lions Den


Real nice Carl


SSH x25

Merkins x25

Imperial Walkers x20

Overtop Hang OYO

Willie Mays Hays OYO

SSH IC x25

The Thang

1.Mosey once around track

2. Mosey around track running up and down every staircase on both bleachers, also 15 burpees at each goal post. x3

3.Bear Crawls down and back x3

4. Lunges down and back x3

5. 50 yard jail breaks x1

6. Mary: Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercury, LBC



 The first week of the month is always a good time to set goals for where you want to be at the end of the month. Make sure to set accountability for the things you need to do to reach your goals.  Change is uncomfortable.

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