Back to the Basics: Boneyard: VSquared

QIC: VSquared

Date: 06/04/2019

PAX: Candu, She Shed, Iron Butt, Whoopi, Count Down

AO: The Boneyard


Cool and Inviting


  1. Side Straddle Hop x30 (last x10 Double time)
  2. Willie Mays Hayes x10
  3. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
    1. Forward fold x10
    2. Upward dog x10
    3. Downward dog x10
  4. Imperial Walkers x20 
  5. Merican’ x40
  6. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little tennis courts while doing some high knees and butt kickers. 

The Thang

I have been needing to get back to my basics over the last several years and try to regain some long overlooked footing, so that’s what we are going to be doing this morning!

Back to the Basics:

!!Can be run by individuals or in pairs who keep cadence with one another.


!! Start with high number reps and work backwards.

  1. Round 1:
    1. Legs (Tennis Court):
      1. Bipolar Burnie-sides: sprint to line, burnie back, sprint to next line, burnie back … 4 lines.
      2. Lunge back to opposite side when complete.
      3. Imperial Hoppers x20
      4. Squats x20
    2. Arms (Mini Workout Station):
      1. Pull Ups x20 (get a friend if you need assistance)
      2. ‘Mercan’s x20
      3. Straight Dips x20
      4. Sitting Butterfly Machine x20
    3. Mosey to 1.5 laps to next place and hold plank if its for arms or Al Gore if its for legs.
  2. Round 2: 3 lines and 15 each exercise.
  3. (Did not get to) Round 3: 2 lines and 10 each exercise.
  4. (Did not get to) Round 4: 1 line and 5 each exercise.
  5. Mary: mosey back to Circle and call out other men to lead. We got in ____ different sets of core exercises this morning!


Getting back to the basics is something I have never wanted to do; I just want to keep advancing and seeing and showing how adept and in control of my surroundings I am. But the older I get the more I’m learning that Jesus comments about childlike faith were serious, and the more I’m coming to enjoy getting back to the basics.

The process we go through day in and day out, year in and year out is really rather simple isn’t it; crash/discipline, repent, remember, rise. Its what is sometimes referred to as sanctification, and what we know here at F3 as getting better. It’s why we are out here every morning.

That said, we are each unique, and to some extent have our own basics that we must get back to – in some case without ever really coming from those places to start. I know that in my case despite being very much like my Dad who defined the culture of our family and much of its structured operation there are ways that I’m different and am having to learn a path that was never laid out or displayed for me. 

So too will you have to do this in various areas of your life. Where do you really thrive; not just succeed but find joy in your investment? Where do you rest? How do you love and enjoy being loved on? Digging at the answers to these questions and many more provide us with a healthy life balance based on greater knowledge of ourselves that allows for deepened intimacy with our Greater Power those around us and even ourselves.

But there are also general means of getting better, or means of grace as my church calls them – since we and I believe that our deepest issues are ones that only our Greater Power can address and provide ways to grow through. 

These means as outlines by my faith and Greater Power are: the book He left us, the Bible; the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper, or the public declaration of our faith and the regular confession of sin and acceptance of grace; and prayer, or simply intentionally talking with Him.

So what are you means of getting better both in general and personally. What cadence to life have you found that leaves you learning and loving well? I want to challenge you think about that today and keep getting better.


I did enjoy this smaller group of HIM, and its exactly what I needed to shake off a shitty Monday.


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