BLIMPS in the Park

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)

Date: 06/13/2019

PAX: Ducktales, Hasbro, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Steam Engine, She Shed, Truck Yeah, U-Turn  

AO: The Huey


72o and clear but ground wet from earlier rain


20 SSH IC 12 Finkle Swing (each leg) 15 SSH IC 12 Imperial Walker IC 12 Diamond Merkin IC 30 Plank IC 21’s (1-5 IC out loud; 6-21 silent) Burpee penalty-3 burpees assessed 12 Good Mornings IC 15 SSH IC

The Thang-BLIMPS in the Park

Mosey to the track

Did the following BLIMPS exercises total of 2 times while moseying around the track stopping every ¼ lap to do next exercise. A few 10 counts along the way also.

B-Burpees 10 OYO

L-Lunges 15 IC

I-Imperial Walkers 20 IC

M-Merkins 20 OYO and ‘Merican Hammer 10 IC on way back

P-Plank Jacks 15 IC

S-SSH “21’s” IC


12 FlutterKicks IC, 12 Hollywood IC, 12 Hello Dolly IC, 12 Rosalitas IC en Espanol


Countarama, Namearama

Choices-we all make choices each day. Make wise decisions seeking God’s will and hiding God’s Word in our hearts that we might not sin against God. (Ephesians 5:15 and Psalm 119:105) Talked about last week’s decisions: daughter’s boyfriend asking for her hand in marriage (good decision) and 14 year old shooting two 13 year olds during RiverBend (bad decision).

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