Day 6 of the Q Gauntlet (Hacksaw)- The Flags of My Fathers!

QIC: The Count (Respect,Respect)

Date: 06/21/2019

PAX: 9Volt (Respect), FNG-Body Bag, ClothesPin, FastLane, Jazzy Jag,  John Doe, Madoff, Mayhem(Respect), MrsBaker (Respect), Peanuts, SideKick, Steam Engine, ThreeSkin, ToeTag, Wazn’tMe, Yodeler

AO: Hacksaw


70 degrees and humid, but a great morning for a beat down!


Warmup: Mosey from P/L and assemble around the large flag.  SSH (10 IC), Forward Fold (10 IC), Arm Circles (10 F/B IC), Mountain Climbers (10 IC), Mosey to Flags 33-50 (1 PAX at each State Flag.

The Thang

Get To Know Your States 

We started on State 33 (Oregon) to State 50 (Hawaii).  We started with the exercise that was associated with the state you occupied.  After 30 Seconds with AMRAP all PAX rotate to the next station.  #50 Hawaii PAX does a sprint to #1 Delaware (Crickets!!!???), and we started the next 30 seconds.  Once all PAX were at State 1 (Still Delaware) to #17 (Ohio), we moved to next state flag (Exercise) and approx 10 seconds started exercise.  Rinse and Repeat for as many stations we can get to in allotted time.  (We also were to Announce in a loud and proud voice when we reached the State we were born in or the first one we lived in is born abroad).  We made it through 44 states/stations.  Future Note: Incorporate Warm-up into stations or save for 1 hour workout.


CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama : Announced work day for tomorrow, Fallen 5 Ruck, and Convergence July 4th.  Spoke of June being a month of remembering (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Army’s 244th Birthday- HOOORAH).  But it was a good reminder of the sacrifices many made in the birth of our country and ultimate sacrifice to keep us FREE!  We named our new FNG (BodyBag)…We seem have a theme going at HackSaw.
BALL OF MAN:  Closed in Prayers for the people of F3, FIA, and those prayers that were made known and those that were not.


My eyes are still burning from the Huey and Ducktales (Crop Dusting) yesterday.  Today, we tried to learn a little about the states in the 30 seconds we occupied the space.  Surprised that at the beginning everyone knew who the 50th State was (Hawaii), but Crickets when I asked which was the first (Delaware).  Of course Wazn’tMe, reminded us all that even the people of Delaware aren’t aware they are a state!  LOL….That was good!


Watch Announcements in Slack.  Saturday, June 22 (Workday) Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (2634 Williams St. Chattanooga, TN) Starting about 0900 and stay for whatever time you can.  Convergence on July 4th (BeastRidge), and Fallen 5 Ruck Event.  Saturday, July 13th.  0700 Chickamauga Dam, 3012 Kings Point Rd. to the Navel Reserve Center where the attack took place. 

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