Life is a Picnic (NOT ALWAYS) Day 3 of the Q Gauntlet (Boneyard)

QIC: The Count

Date: 06/18/2019

PAX: CanDu, DuckTales, IronButt, Peanuts, Pink Panther, SideKick, Sunburn, Whoopi

AO: Boneyard


73 Degrees, occasional light sprinkle (or maybe that was just sweat)!  Had to be close to 100% humidity!


Warm-0-Rama: In P/L – SSH, Arm Circles, Overhead Press, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, Mountain Climbers, Mosey to Picnic Tables (now do you get the heading)?

The Thang

Life Is A Picnic (NOT ALWAYS)!
5 Picnic Tables – 4 Stations per table = 20 Total Exercises.  PAX pair up (except IronButt, he was a single today.  We figured since he turns 63 tomorrow he was old enough to not need adult supervision)!!! 

Station 1 (Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders with Coupons): (With Coupons) Curls (25 lbs), Tricep Extension (25 lbs), Overhead Pre ss (30 lbs), WILD CARD (Dips, Diamond PU, etc.)

Station 2 (Legs): Squats, Lunges, Jump Squats, WILD CARD (Box Jumps, Step Ups, Etc.)

Station 3 (Chest): Incline Pushups, Decline Pushups, Merkins, (WILD CARD (Diamond Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, etc.)

Station 4 (Core/Abs): Big Boy Situps, Pretzel Crunches, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks

Station 5 (Cardio): Burpees (Damn You City Bus)!!, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, SSH

Round 1- 10 Reps of each exercise x 20 = 200 Reps – Once all PAX complete their 4 exercises they hold Al Gore until all PAX are done and then rotate to next Station.

Reward for finishing all 200 Reps – AYG, JailBreak, Sprint…Whatever you want to call it….Up the hill X2

Round 2 – 20 Reps of each exercise x 20 = 400 Reps (I might add the SideKick and TheCount happened to be on Station 5 when two City Buses drove by, so add 10 more Burpees to our count for extra credit.  

Add another 5 Burpee penalty to everyone for an additional bus that drove by! 

Mosey Back to P/L for COT



CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama .
BALL OF MAN: We lifted up in prayer those in need of healing and strength.


I thought about Q-ing at the BoneYard, and remembered someone once talking about the “Dash”.  The little line between the date of birth and death on a headstone.  This represents the time we are alive!  What will your “Dash” look like?  What will people say at your service.  How did you live your life?  Were you a good man?  Were you a “Servant Leader”?  Were you a good Father, Son, Sibling, Husband?  

Matthew 20:25-28




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