Q- Gauntlet – Day 1 of 7 Straight! (Octagon of Pain)

QIC: The Count (Respect)

Date: 06/15/2019

PAX: 9Volt (Respect), Bubbles (Respect), ClothesPin, FastLane, RugDoctor (Respect), FNG-Sherpa, Snooze Button

AO: The Battery


66 Degrees, Low Humidity and Partly Cloudy.  


Warm-Up”:  We secured the AO Flags and mosey over to outfield of baseball field .  SSH, Arm Circles (forward and backward), Mountain Climbers, Slow Squat, Merkins.

The Thang

Octagon of Pain

8 Stations arranged in circle 15 Yards from center (Home).  Each station is spaced 10 yards apart.  

Center: Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, Freddy Mercury, Oblique Crunch, LBCs

Staions: Chuck Norris Merkins, Tricep Extensions (25lb), Diamond Merkin, Squat (40lb), Hand Release Merkin, Overhead Press (30lb), Wide-Arm Merkins, Curls (25lb).

Mode of Transportation between stations:  Bear Crawl, Lunges, Duck Walk, Reverse Lunges, Broad Jump, Lunges

8 PAX – 8 Stations (I didn’t plan it that way)… 1 PAX per station.  6 rounds with 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10 Reps at each station.  Each round concludes with Mode of Transportation to Center: where 15 IC Reps are done for each exercise.  

PAX line up in Indian Run formation.  Start to mosey around entire field, 1st PAX in line drops out and performs 3 Burpees, runs to back of line and calls out “SIX”, at which time the next PAX drops out and does 3 Burpees and runs to catch group.  Rinse and Repeat until all PAX do their Burpees.

MOM’s – (10 Reps, IC) American Hammers, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks



CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, Introduced FNG (Jason Butte)/ “Sherpa”
BALL OF MAN: Closed in Prayer 


I take great pride (not in a sadistic way) in getting workouts challenging enough to get at least one PAX to “Spill Merlot”.  I take extreme pride in bringing myself to the brink or “Spilling Merlot”.  Had I food in my stomach I would spilled it, but I just had dry heaves!!!!

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