Day 5 of the Q Gauntlet (The Huey)- Lets Play Cards or better known as Deck of Death (DoD)

QIC: The Count

Date: 06/20/2019

PAX: DuckTales, GeekSquad, HasBro, MrClean, SteamEngine, U-Turn 

AO: The Huey


77 Degrees and humid. Storms started moving in by the end of the workout, and at 0605 !  Thank God for the 0515 starting time!


Warm up consisted of SSH (20 IC), Forward Fold, Willy Mays Hayes (15 IC), Arm Circles Fwd, Bkwd, and Overhead Press.  Mosey around path to covered picnic tables.

The Thang

Deck of Death (DoD) – Separated deck into 4 stacks Clubs (Core/Abs), Hearts (Cardio), Diamonds (Upper Body), Spades (Legs).  Time allowed for 25 exercises: PAX rotated picking from stacks, announcing exercise, and calling the cadence.

Oblique Crunches (Pretzel) - 15 per side- 30 Reps
Mountain Climbers - 20 IC - 40 Reps
Merkins - 18 Reps
Smurf Jacks - 25 IC - 50 Reps
High Slow Flutter Kicks - 13 IC - 26 Reps
Side Straddle Hop - 25 IC x 2 - 100 Reps
Wide Arm Merkins - 16 Reps
Monkey Humpers - 17 IC - 34 Reps
Luge (Boat/Canoe) - 18 IC - 36 Reps
low side shuffle - 25 yards both x 6 = 150 Yards
WWII Situps - 13 Reps
Butt Kickers - 19 IC - 38 Reps
Diamond Merkins - 25 Reps
Monkey Humpers - 25 IC - 50 Reps
Shoulder Taps - 25 IC - 50 Reps
Burpees - 25 Reps
Ranger Merkins - 19 Reps
Walking Lunge - 20 each leg - 40 Reps
Heals to Heaven - 14 Reps
Mountain Climbers - 25 IC - 50 Reps
Carolina Drydocks - 14 Reps
Calf Raises - 25 IC x 2 - 100 Reps
Flutter Kicks (25 IC x2 - 100 Reps

Total - 933 Reps



CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, Word of the Day (WOTD): Veterans Park represents the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors that have served their country.  Most didn’t have the luxury of smart devices, video games, or even TV while in a war zone.  Often a Deck Of Cards provided all the entertainment they would have.  I see parents using all the great entertainment devices we have now to distract their children so they will behave while out at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’ve even seen this in a church.  Drop the crutch and engage get your children to engage in a simpler form of entertainment (Maybe a game of Fish)….
BALL OF MAN: As the Thunderstorms started to move in we lifted to God our prayers for healing and protection to those family members of our F3 Family.


All I can say with regards to the Moleskin….DuckTales, something got inside of you and died!  You about caused us to discontinue warm-ups and go for some kind of breathing machine!!! No more Sushi for you….At least without GAS-X!!!


F3 – Hacksaw for Day 6 of the Q-Gauntlet, also Scenic City Ruckers meeting at 0500 Blue Grass Grill.  Don’t forget to register for the Fallen 5 Challenge.

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