Nolan Richardson Won A Natty in ’94

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 06/26/2019

PAX: Mrs Baker (R), Fastlane, Clothespin, 9 Volt (R) , Oiler, Sparky (R), FNG-Topless (R)

AO: The Battery


Muggy, but no rain. Sigh.


Mosey to the tennis courts, back around to the dog park, added Karaoke, Bernie, high knees, then circle up at The Big Tree.

SSH x25 
Burpees x5 (OYO)

LBAC x25 
10 count
Reverse LBAC x25
10 count
Military Presses x25

3rd grades x15
Forward Fold x30
Burpees x5 (OYO)

The Thang

Modified Nolan Richardson:

Partner up, and mosey to the start of the walkway. One PAX does exercises while the other runs to a marked lamppost, does five burpees (cos Bobby Hurley sucks), runs back and retakes exercises. Rinse repeat until all exercises finished.

100 Half Burpees/Squat Thrusts
150 squats
200 high knees
150 merkins
200 LBCs
200 Imperial Walkers

1000 total reps.

Break – Mary
Dealers Choice:
Flutter Kicks
Hello Dolly
Pickle Pounders
SSH (? dealers choice, so bold option here)


YHC is struggling with a work situation at the moment. I’m happy, comfortable, and A-OK where I am, yet, I’m likely being moved to a better (at least on paper) position internally. This is a stretch of my skills, abilities, and outside of my comfort zone. And because of that, it’s a blessing. I have to change my mindset and embrace the challenge for what it is.

Don’t get fat/happy. Don’t allow yourself to stay stagnant. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s a dragon worth slaying.

Mrs Baker led us out. Prayers were said aloud, others offered silently.


First things – Topless was so named because he drove a boxtruck under the Inman Street bridge, and thus sheared the top of the truck clean off. As soon as he mentioned the Inman Street bridge, PAX in unison said “ooooh” and knew where the story was going. Bonus – it was his own boxtruck.

Oiler and Sparky made the trek from Dalton. Good to see these guys making rounds throughout the region – this is at least the third AO that they’ve posted.

We started the warmup mosey with four, and latecomers kept showing up. We were doubled by the time we circled up. 

9 Volt was late – highly unusual. Also described increased pace of fast SSHs as being “meth straddle hops.” Laffo.

PAX were in good spirits, despite the fast pace.

DeepDish fartsacked and missed out on burpees. 


Hacksaw on Friday,  9 Volt on Q this Saturday, Convergence 7/4. Upcoming Fallen Five ruck for ruckers who ruck in the ruck channel.

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