QIC: The Count (Respect,Respect) 

Date: 07/18/2019

PAX:  DuckTales, HasBro, RadioHead, Red Tees, She Shed  

AO: The Huey


72 degrees 


SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, Tappy Taps (3rd Grade Exercises), SSH

The Thang

8 stations, no running, just coupons and cardio.
Decline Merkins, Overhead Press (30 lbs) Lunge w/twist at bottom (20 lbs) Curl (30 lbs) Tricep Ext (30 lbs) Squat (40lbs), Lunge w/ coupon Overhead (30 lbs) Slow Deep Squat (30 lbs).
AMRAP In 45 sec Round 1 – Bear Crawl to next station. Complete rotation meet in middle for Core/Cardio
Round 1 – AMRAP 45 sec. BURPEES (10 OYO)
Round 2- AMRAP 45 sec – Lunges between stations. core/cardio – Mountain Climbers IC (20)
Round 3- AMRAP 30 sec – Lunges between stations. Core/cardio – SSH IC (20)
Round 4- 15 Reps AYG to next station.


A man of good character will follow though on his “Commitments” .  This means you become “Committed” to that which you “Commit” to.  You Faith, your Family, your “Friends” and “Co-Workers”.  Once you say your going to do something follow through on it. 

CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, No Announcements.  


Even without actual running we had lots of cardio by keeping a good pace in movement between exercises.  Mumble Chatter quickly decreased and was replaced by heavy breathing! 

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