Challenge Your Expectations – 7/17/2019

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 07/17/2019

PAX: Fastlane, Mrs Baker (R), 9Volt (R), Deep Dish, John Doe

AO: The Battery


Like living in a cloud. On fire.


Indian run down the greenway, past the dog park, and back to the Big Tree. Circle up.

Finkle Swingsx20
Forward Fold x30
Right over Left x15
Left over Right x15
Willie Mays Hayes x20
SSH x20
Burpees x5

Indian run on greenway, past Big Bend, back to pavilion.

The Thang

Pavilion Pain
10 Royce Gracies – IC (Plank position, while planted with right hand and left leg, swing right leg out while left hand is in midair. Repeat other direction)
5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpee Box Jumps OYO (Plank ->Merkin->Half Parker Peter->Merkin->other half Parker Peter-> Merkin->Box Jump)
20 calf raises OYO
20 stargazers/reverse rows OYO
20 dips IC 
20 decline merkins (OYO)

~Grab a boulder~

With boulder- 
20 curls
20 shoulder presses
20 kettle swings
20 goblet squats
~Drop boulder~

Return to Hell Hill
Indian Run up the hill
Once at the pool building- 
grab a wall chair, count off to 60

Lunge across parking lot and back

Back to the Flags
Mosey down to the flags OYO

Mary –
Freddie Mercuries x20 IC
Flutter Kicks x20 IC
Heel Touches x20 IC

Ring of Fire to the right – two ten counts.
Ring of Fire to the left – DeepDish 10 count (which may as well be 3 hours)



CIRCLE OF TRUST: I’ve got two kids. When my son was born, I was expecting a rough and tumble little ball of aggression. My son is not like this at all – he’s gentle, kind, brilliant, and pensive. It wasn’t until he was about 3 when I realized who he was, and how to embrace the kid he was meant to be – now, I’m overjoyed to be his dad. When my daughter was on the way, I thought that I would handle it better; I knew girls, and she would be sweet, respectful, and proper. Instead, she bounces off of everything and is a true spitfire. I made the same mistake with her that I did my son – I expected something out of her that wasn’t fair, and wasn’t true to who she is. Over the last several weeks, I’ve been praying for a better relationship with her, because I just don’t know her very well. My eyes have been opened to the true wonder of who she is, and was meant to be.

Sometimes, especially as dads, we have expectations of what our children, our wives, or our lives should be like. Instead of wasting our time trying to put people and situations into boxes that they cannot possibly fit, change your expectations. Embrace who they are, and meet them for who they’re supposed to be. You’ll find that you enjoy them much better than if they had fit your stupid template.

BALL OF MAN: Mrs Baker led us out.


We ran. A lot. DeepDish is a gazelle, and he’s no longer allowed to do Evil 10 Counts.

Excellent to have John Doe back at the Battery. It’s requested that he brings his army of the undead for a clown car soon.

Fastlane’s cadence for dips crushed all. 

Great to have Mrs Baker back. 

Sidewinder HCed, but most likely fartsacked. 

9Volt’s consistency is commendable.

Pavilion sucked far worse than I expected it to when I was drawing it up. Taking last week off was no bueno.


Hacksaw Friday, Sidewinder on Q Saturday. CMUs are in store.

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