Do Not Edit….The After Effect of the BIS Flow

QIC: Best In Show

Date: 07/22/2019

PAX: Home Alone, Sparky, Early Bird, Bud Light, Mayhem, Peanuts, Sidekick,  Threeskin, Gaylord, Yodeler, Jazzy Jag, Fastlane

AO: Beast Ridge


76 degrees, high clouds, 86% humidity, but it only felt like 85%….


Little mosey, followed by 22 SSH just to get the muscles lose and the blood flowing. Mosey was interrupted by a couple of pooches walking by, that equals 5 burpees in a BIS Q!

The Thang

Going with an HIIT or TABATA type thing, not sure what those are since I am not a professional….

AMRAP 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest


HIgh Knees

St Bernard Squats

Imperial Walkers



Shoulder Taps


Called an audible and took the PAX on a little mosey to find a wall to try out a little something new.

Found the wall, lined up and performed donkey kicks against the wall for 30 seconds followed by wall sits. times two. Early Bird found a sand bag and had a great idea to pass it around whilst performing said wall sit. Good call my friend. Lots of mumble chatter about pain or something…..

Another little mosey after this led us into a two loop Indian run right on over to the other pavilion for 30 seconds each of Dips, Incline Merkins and Decline Merkins because someone said we should do both, who am I to argue..

And the final mosey to finish up the festivities with 6 minutes of mary, things like flutter kicks, LBC, Hello Dolly, Freddie Mercuries, leg lifts and 2 pickle related exercises (not my choice, but left up the PAX, so hey….)


Average heart rate 138…


After effects were the words that came to my mind while preparing this workout. Not just the after effect of the well planned and executed work out by a on-professional, but the after effect of F3. The after effect of the influence it has on us all, whether it is the physical after effect or the after effect that is the invigoration of male leadership in the community.


Do not edit, someone gave me that idea….


Mayhem VQ on Friday at Hacksaw!

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