Draft: DuckShed – Boneyard (07/23)

QIC: Ducktales and Sheshed

Date: 07/23/2019

PAX: Prosciutto, Jazzy Jag, Cliff Hanger, Dirk, Sunburn, Milkman, Free Time, Peanuts

AO: Boneyard


A brisk, and humid 73 degrees.


duck warmed us with

25 ssh ic

15 imperial walkers ic

10 mericans ic

Nancy balance ic

Mosey to the boy so main road

10 burpees oyo

25 monkey humpers facing the main road ic

10 Slow low squats would not call it cadence

10 slow decline mericans ic

The Thang

She Shed ran the thang:

Wall Sits: Joe Frazier, Muhamad Ali, **Berpee Bus, Bus Driver and shoulder press.

Mozie to the benches where the “Jeffs” took place. PAX holds plank while stepping both feet on and off the bench seat behind them (20) followed by 10 berpees. Rinse and repeat.

Step over to the grass where the PAX performed a “Fire Drill.” Everyone performs High Knees until She Shed yells “Fire Drill” then everyone drops to a merkin, rolls right, merkin, rolls left, merkin and then back to high knees. This was followed by another round of high knees, side straddle hop and then calf raises to end it. 

Mozie to curb for more calf raises.

Due to She Shed’s loss for any sense of time on this brutal morning he ran a 14 min session of Mary before noticing the clock and bringing the PAX to the outdoor gym to perform a DORA to finish things

Mary: LBC, Freddy Mercury, Super Man, Berpees, flutter kicks, box cutter, and a few others a little less memorable. 

Dora: 200 squat jumps, 200 side straddle hops and 200 exercise of your choice at outdoor gym while the other PAX takes a lap around the playground. 


Reach out to people and take fellowship seriously. Men don’t put their own sense of self on the back burner in order to take care of everyone else. Make meaningful conversations with the friends and family you have.


Sheshed- I forgot how much Boneyard likes berpees. Is this a duo VQ? What time is it? 

Ducktales– Every-time we do my key humpers there is no car present, one day…..


Dadurday August 10th

mayhem VQ hacksaw this Friday!

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