Acceleration/Competence doesn’t come Standard

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 08/01/2019

PAX: Flemish, Threeskin, Sidekick, Blindside, Dirk, Deer Jack, Peanuts, Uncle Fester, Iron Butt (Respect), Milkman, Laces Out (Respect), Back Pew, Loan Shark, Raptor (2.0), Hobo, Red Tees, Early Bird, Skitch, Goose, Fissure, Ringwald, Sunshine, Moneyball, Sunburn (Respect), Countdown

AO: Hill City


Felt like 70, but who knows. Dew was present, therefore, ground exercises were necessary


Guys kept coming this morning, so we kept emptying the cars with blocks. Needed 1 block per man and two more shovel flags for stopping points. Then we needed to get those blocks and flags to their end point. That felt like a warm-up in and of itself.

We moseyed to beneath the Market St bridge. Had to make quick work of this since we needed as much time as necessary for the main thang.

Mtn Climbers IC
Windmills IC
Something else? I didn’t write this part down

The Thang

This was a modified version of what we completed for the Chattanooga GRT this past May in the welcome party beat down. I found it to be extremely challenging and couldn’t wait to share it with F3 Chattanooga brethren. It’s derived from the GoRuck Jerome Gonzalez WOD, named after a Ruck Participant whom tragically died during the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy on February 17, 2018.

The Setup:
1) Plant 3 flags in succession ascending the hill – roughly 10-15 yards apart
2) Each pax pairs up with another pax of equal or lesser value
3) Each pax ensures he has his own block

1 Minute AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible):
Pax 1 (P1) – Merkins; Pax 2 (P2) Holds Plank & counts reps aloud… Switch
P1 – Big Boy Sit ups; P2 Holds plank and P1’s feet in place… Switch


P1 Partner Carries P2 to top of hill; P1 runs back down hill while P2 Performs 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 10 FM’s, 10 LBC (All OYO and repeating until P1 arrives back up hill)

P1 – Farmer Carry both of his group’s coupons to first flag on the hill and performs 10 burpees OYO; repeat this at each of the remaining 2 flags until P1 reaches P2.

At the top, P1 Partner Carries P2 back down to bottom; P1 goes back up and gets both partner’s coupons and returns while P2 – Plank or Hold Al Gore and wait for P1



At 10 minutes remaining, YHC called for all Pax to return to bottom of hill.

Circle up for 1 min overhead coupon hold.

Then 5 coupon presses going around circle for all 25 pax. Very Niiiiice!


Run back to startex

Countorama, Nameorama, COT, Endex



I think alot about acceleration in F3 Chatt. Well, I think alot about F3 Chatt in general… It’s a daily commitment to acceleration. I want to be better at it and want to make it better each day.

So, today I talked about competence relative to acceleration. In the 1st F sense of F3 (Fitness), Acceleration implies you simply commit to doing something more/better each day than yesterday; for F3 that’s Fitness. That you TRY to do your task, do your duty, do your responsibility – something- better each day every day. While we may not all be on the same level, we are all capable and accountable to a set standard. So, by that principal, the F3 standard is acceleration and Competence of acceleration is “adherence to that standard”.

What does this competence look like? What does adherence to the standard of F3 look like?

Look at our “credo” in F3?
“Leave no man behind, leave no man where you found him” – Our intentional acceleration and our competence.

What’s the F3 Mission? Plant, Grow, Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Most notably, “Plant, Grow, Serve” demonstrates our mission to accelerate.
* Plant new workout groups – Establish new groups; Acceleration
* Grow those workout groups, Foster/Support groups; Acceleration
* Serve small workout groups – Support/Have more men take leadership roles, growing and serving; that is to say, we are accelerating and giving back to the men who fuel fire of F3.

We’ve set the standard, we have accelerated to that standard and we continue to adhere to said standard. (How many times can I say standard?)

Anything other than acceleration and improvement is simply, deceleration and complacency. With the lack of acceleration, you’ll assuredly be passed by the man in acceleration in no time and soon your world will falter or worse, fail (e.g. marriage, relationships, faith, fitness). Align yourself with proper accelerating High Impact Men; set your standards appropriately. No matter your pace, no matter your goal, Actively accelerate every day and your standard will become your competence.


Renaissance Park feels like a six mile jog when running with a coupon. Who runs with coupons? Stupid idea.

Thanks to the epic Subway mudslide/collapse of 2019 on Signal Mountain Boulevard, we had some really heavy cinder blocks with mortar.

Q’ing 25 adults can be tough. Q’ing 25 adults and your 6 yo son who does his own thing is a whole different ball of wax. More sharpening still required. Where are the instructions that come with this thing? Thankful for this group of guys to help steer (and “babysit” – as Fissure calls it)

Zero merlot splashes this time around – although I was certain we’d get at least one. F3 guys are some fit dudes with iron stomachs.


F3 Dad’s Day – 08-10-2019

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