It’s Cool At The Huey – But Things Do Heat Up!

QIC: The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 08/29/2019

PAX: CouchPotato, DuckTales, Fissure, FreeTime, GeekSquad, Hasbro, Hector, MilkMan, RedTees, UTurn

AO: The Huey


Was a beautiful clear and cool morning.  Even saw a falling star!


Disclaimer given and no FNG’s – Proceeded from Parking Area to back lot by way of a Mosey!! Several Warm Up  Exercises, but most memorable was the first exercise, the Side Straddle Hop, IC 43.  Why you ask 43….Well this was in recognition to Hasbro who didn’t look a day over 42 on his birthday!!!  Other warm up exercises: Willy Mays Hays, Moroccan Night Club, Nancy Kerrigan, Forward Fold, Mosey around P/L area.

The Thang

Circle of Pain – 8 Stations each with multiple exercises for different body parts.  There were three stations with coupons, but PAX were given a wildcard to perform the exercise of their choice.  In between rounds all PAX meet in the middle and perform ABs exercises and then makes lap around P/L area and then back to the Circle of Pain to perform another round.  Stayed at each station for 1 min then rotated to next station alternating between Lunges and Bear Crawl.  Completed 3 1/2 rounds and after 2 min of Oblique Crunches we mosey’d back to Flags to ENDEX.


CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Nameorama done and Prayer Request done. 

Announcement: Convergence at Beast Ridge Labor Day.

BALL OF MAN: We closed with GeekSquad providing prayer for the BOM. Then we provided Hasbro with A Balloon, Mini-Cupcakes, and a specially prepared poster by RedTees.  We sang (very poorly) Happy Birthday.


The best part of the workout was not DuckTales breaking wind every 5 minutes, or the ribbing the Q got for the occasional  skipping of my “CD” according to DuckTales.  It was what happened before we even started the workout.  GeekSquad, DuckTales, and TheCount Rucked to Wal-Mart to get the goodies for Hasbro’s birthday.  The look on some of the folks as we walked through the store at 0430 with our Rucks and HeadLamps..


Conversion at Beast Ridge for Labor Day

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