22’s by 2’s

QIC: Fissure

Date: 09/04/2019

PAX:  Gaylord, WuzntMe, Toe Tag, Pinky Tag, Clothespin, POS, John Doe, Moondance, Peanuts

AO: Hacksaw


Nice.  Low 70’s.  Stars were out.


Mosey to the memorial and circle up
SSH x 50 IC
Fwd Fold x 10 IC
Partner up for finkle swings x 15 each leg
Mosey under Apison Pike past Imagination Station onto the grass of the Commons via Swinyar Drive

The Thang

Grab a paver from the conveniently placed stack (Thanks Collegedale)
22’s by 2’s
Holding paver Bernie Sanders across the field to treeline
2 big boi sit-ups holding paver then mosey back across the field to the start and perform 20 diamond merkins with hands on the paver
Sit-up reps increase by 2 as the merkin reps decrease by 2 until you’ve done your final 2 merkins reps

We did the following while waiting for the six:
SSH x 25 IC
8-count bodybuilders x 5 OYO
Flutter kicks until six returned

Mosey back to flag for flutter kicks x 9 IC, done


We read a portion of Psalm 139.  God loves us and knows everything about us.  It’s important to stop looking to the next thing and live in the moment and remember God isn’t so big and impersonal.  


The commons is kind of a hike from the memorial.  We had to stop a couple times to “regather.”

We took the short way home across Apison.  Probably should’ve held hands.


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