Dropped the Ball – Picked it up

QIC: She Shed

Date: 08/23/2019

PAX: Ascot, Cliffhanger, Sunburn, Derk, VSquared, FNG-Elvis Jackson, Money Ball

AO: Boneyard


70 degrees and humid\


Track warm-up, Mall walker style:

Mozie with a few change ups along the way.
Gallup, high knees, bernie, heel walk, butt kickers, lunges

Forward fold, willie haze, 3rd grade exercise  

The Thang

Track X4: Partner Up

4X around or until over well done

Rotate workouts each time you go around the track.

Dips and Declines 20
Burpees and 8 count body builders X10
Squats and Squirkins (yeah, look it up) X20
Crunches and Calf Raises X30


Rather than living your life happy with the good decisions you have made in the past, keep yourself motivated to continue. Push yourself in your social life, career, faith, etc. Lean on the brothers around you to keep that motivation to persevere.


I call this section olds because it ended up taking me nearly two weeks to post this. Don’t get too excited now. Ball = dropped

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