Gorilla, Man, Gun

QIC: Geek Squad

Date: 09/05/2019

PAX: Blindside, Couch Potato, Ducktales, Fissure, Freetime, Loan Shark, Prosciutto (“Ni-cola La-porta”), RadioHead, Sidekick, Snowflake, U-Turn

AO: The Huey


A nice breeze blowing!

Disclaimer: This is F3, I am not a professional, you are here on your own free will, modify if necessary, IF injury should occur, we will help you in whatever way possible to your car.

F3 is a men’s workout group, with the mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.




15 Proscuitto’s Gold chains IC
15 LB arm circles forward IC
15 LB arm circles backward IC
15 cherry pickers
15 Moroccan night club

15 butterfly Timed exercise
10 each leg knee to chest exercise



The Thang

(4 laps around the track = 1.33 mi total)

1st Set Around the Track to the Pavilion

Gorilla hops OYO to corner  (all 4 laps)
Man – Mosey to next pole (1st & 2nd – Mosey, 3rd – Bernie, 4th-Bernie)
Gun – 10 merkins (all 4 Laps)
Mosey to Pavillion (1st & 2nd – Mosey, 3rd – Bernie, 4th-Mosey)

2nd Set at Pavilion

Lap 1 & 3
Wall sits. 15
Bus drivers. 15
Joe Frasier’s. 15
Ali s 15

Lap 2 & 4
Decline Merkins 10 OYO
Incline Merkins 10 OYO


3rd Set From the Pavillion back to startex (exercises at 3 light poles for 4 laps)

Plank jacks x 15 SC. Mosey
Squats x 15  SC. Mosey
Shoulder taps x 30 SC. Mosey

Marys around the flags
Heel touches x15
LBCs x15.
Burpees x 5
Big Boy sit-ups 15
Burpees x 10



Fissure led with baton passing ceremony for Huey from Geek Squad to Ducktales.