One More Day; One More Time

QIC: VSquared

Date: 09/03/2019

PAX: Pebbles, Iron Butt, Sunburn, Dirk, The Count, Cliffhanger

AO: Boneyard


Muggly (yes, like Harry Potter; lots of humans out there, no magic.)


Warm-Up (@Front of Edu Building):

  1. Side Straddle Hop x32 (in cadence)
  2. ‘Mericans x32, hold 6 above ground until ALL finish.
  3. Slide into Updog, hold x32 sec, slide into Downdog, hold x32 sec, walk it back out.
  4. Jump Lunges x32.
  5. Mosey to middle parking lot.

The Thang

One More Day, One More Time

  1. Mosey to little workout area.
  2. Circle of Ups: Plank position, one at a time do five pull-ups, others hold plank, once one can do no more they call on the next guy to help them complete their five, continue until last person needs help.
  3. Circle of Downs: Switch to high dip bar, same process.
  4. Suicide Bear ‘Mericans: Mosey to tennis courts, Bernie by stone wall, line up on one side of the court, bear crawl to line 1, do one ‘merican, Bear crawl back, do two ‘merican, continue to 5 lines, join last PAX to finish out.
  5. Lunging Body Builders: Mosey to lighted parking lot, use lines to lunge to second line, do one body builder, lunge two more lines and do two body builders, continue 6 reps (12 lines) out.
  6. Invisible Sits: Mosey to long wall in back of Rec Center, wall sit position, do forward the side arm raises, then shoulder raises.
  7. Mosey back to parking lot.

Circle of Mary, in which ## different HIM called out core based exercises, including some …


Ok, here is the thing, it doesn’t happen all the time, but there are clear times in which we need help. I also don’t think it’s mere coincidence that we reach points on in our lives were it’s unavoidable. That’s another reason we’re here, because in addition to needing basic encouragement and comradely sometimes we need a hand up, a hand out. We get in ruts and places of quicksand, times when we get on thin ice that breaks under us, and we need help to just survive.

However, times we actually have a choice to go it alone or to bring in brothers and friends, and most the time we go it alone. Rather it’s due to pride or shame or fear or anger we don’t reach out. If it’s a smaller issue then we pass up reaching out because “we don’t need to,” but in doing so we don’t practice and when the big things come around we can’t get around the barriers of our emotional impairments. But that’s what gets us in trouble, because when we get into big things it can mean big trouble for us and those around us on whom we have influence.

We think we are suppose to be in control all the time; to not need each other because that means we are weak. That getting loud or quite will allow it to pass and us to move on. And some emotions are like that, but the places I’m talking about are always made better by someone else coming along side of us; Grabbing our feet as we pull or push up.

So take a minute today to reach out. If nothing else practice. Maybe it’s a spouse in many cases or a friend or F3 brother, a peer or an elder depending on the issue. Make it happen now, honesty and humbleness, so that when your in a leading position where it’s more naturally lonely you have the skills to reach out and seek the help you need to keep supporting the people on whom you have significant impact.

Mission of F3: Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.



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