Sightseeing on the Southside

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 09/10/2019

PAX: Vsquared, Dirk, Iron Butt (R), Wallflower, Backfire, Cliffhanger

AO: Boneyard


66 degrees and pleasant


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX15; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX10; Right over Left ICX12; Left Over Right ICX12; Willie Mays Hays IC X12; LBAC ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Moroccan Night Club ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; SSH ICX15

The Thang

All moseys referenced below were executed as aggressive Moseys in preparation for IP Round 2

Mosey to the Tennis Courts

Southside Shuffle

Get on one sideline, Shuffle to the opposite sideline; 10 Mercans; Shuffle back to opposite sideline; 10 Mercans; shuffle to opposite sideline; 10 Mercans

Move to court # 2; Repeat but with 10 Bonnie Blairs in place of Mercans

Move to Court #3; Repeat but with 10 nancy Kerrigans, 5 per leg

Move to Court #4; Repeat with 10 8 count body builders

Mosey to the MAN Station

Split up into pairs, I went solo.  One pair will stay at the MAN station and AMRAP pull ups and true dips, swapping back and forth.

The remaining PAX will aggressively mosey the lap with core work outs done at the 3, 12 and 9 positions, 10 reps IC.  We modified this down to the 3 and 9 positions to assist with the PAX at the MAN Station.

Core exercises included LBC, Pickle Punders, Dying Cockroach, pretzel crunches, Freddy Mercury, and a couple more

Upon completion of the lap, one pair will rotate to the MAN station and repeat.  Repeat this cycle until all pairs have had a chance to AMRAP

Mosey around the back of the post office.

Bernie Bear up the little hill

Mosey to the front of the Post office

20 Deep Ircans on the curb; chest to the concrete

Mosey to the side of the post office

Wall sit with arm movements; total of 2 minutes

Mosey to the Inviisible Flag – 5 burpees for no flag


Push yourself.  Hard weeks make stronger men.  I have 4 Qs this week, IP round #2, and our new owners in town at work.  Hard Week.  But I will be better and stronger for it.  Push yourself to do the same

Also take time to remember 9/11 and what it means to you and remember the lives lost on that day and the subsequent conflicts that followed


Not a ton of chatter today.  I think Iron Butt hates Iron pax.  Says it changed us and made us more manly on our Qs.  he may be on to something here.  Good to see Wallflower back out for day #2.  Inspiring story and man


IP #2.  yea

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