Skies Out, Thighs Out!

QIC: Peanuts

Date: 09/06/2019

PAX: Sidekick, Money Ball, Bernie, John Doe, T-Rex, Rollback, 9-Volt, FNG-Paper Boy, FNG – Double Dribble, Gaylord, Escobar, Madoff, Anny, Toe Tag, DNF, FNG-WreckedEm

AO: Hacksaw


Gloomy (aka foggy) but this was only due to the poor participation (Sidekick) in response to the the call for short shorts (see below). 


Meet up in the parking lot and mosey to the flag pole.

15 x SSH IC

10 (1000) x Forward Fold IC

15 x Imperial Walkers IC

15 x  Pickle Swings OYO

10 x Arm Circles (fwd and reverse) IC

10 x Shoulder Press IC

10 (1000) x Quad Stretch IC (each leg)

10 (1000) x Calf Stretch IC (each leg)

10 x Mercans IC

The Thang

Counted off into groups of 4.  Moseyed around the square and showed each of the 4 stations and went over the scoresheet.  Each team of 4 would have one man at each station to perform the exercise for a 2 minute period.  At the end of 2 minutes Q blows the whistle and the pax mark their total performed on the scoresheet and jailbreak/mosey to the next station.  Each team works through until they complete all 4 rounds at all 4 stations.

Station 1:

  1. Mercans
  2. Shoulder Taps
  3. Burpees
  4. Dips

Station 2:

  1. Air Squats
  2. Single Leg Lunges
  3. St Bernard Squats
  4. Monkey Humpers

Station 3

  1. SSH
  2. Imperial Walkers
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Iron Mikes aka Bonnie Blairs aka Mike Tysons

Station 4:

  1. Flutter Kicks
  2. LBC
  3. Pickle Pointers
  4. Hello Dolly Crunch


In honor of the Hacksaw and the missing flag, we decided (I decided) to do “just one more” and knocked out 5 burpees.  


It was a bit like herding cats. 

However, that was mostly my fault.  We adapted and overcame with slightly shorter times for the workout stations.  Arithmetic, even simple adding of numbers greater than 10 on a piece of paper, seems challenging at 5:30 am.  

Related image

There was a real lack of participation in my short shorts, tank tops, sweatbands and the like.  I blame Candu, Care Bear and Best in Show for not showing up – fortunately I found at least two of them hanging out down on the pier:

Related image

It kinda disappointed me that we didn’t have more time to try my new version of duck duck goose – I call it duck duck mary. 


None.  Except Iron Pax which everyone talks about constantly.

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