Do or Don’t

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 09/10/19

PAX: FNG-Stars, Uncle Fester, Sunshine, She Shed, Hobo, Sinai, Kowbell, Kiffin, Oiler, Callahan (R), Red Tees, Sherlock, Ringwald, Curfew, Flemish

AO: Hill City


Pretty warm, kinda humid, and smelled sorta like poo, because hippies took over Coolidge. 


Indian Run mosey with the Cookie Jar to under the bridge.
SSH IC x25
Don Quixote IC X 10
Forward Fold IC x 10
Wesley Snipes in an Indians Uniform IC x10
Royce Gracie IC x 10
Merkins IC x10
LBAC x 15
10 count
LBAC Reverse x15
10 count
Seal claps x15
Chinook x10
SSH IC x 30 

The Thang

Wall Sit
Took the Cookie Jar to the bridge. All PAX took an air chair, passed the bucket x2
Passed the bucket x2, then 5 merkins after you pass it, and reclaim the chair
Passed the bucket x2, then 5 shoulder presses, then reclaim

Merkin Elevator
Mosey down the path. Escalating lightpole merkins. 2 merkins, then sprint to the next pole, 4 merkins, then sprint, etc. up to 12. Sprint back to original pole and hold plank for six

Bearcrawl Boilermaker
Split PAX into two single file lines. All PAX hold plank, last man bearcrawls to the front, then next last man bearcrawls to the front. Like an Indian run, but worse. Two lines raced for two light poles. 
Crabwalk back – 
Same PAX now hit their six, and do AMRAP LBCs while last PAX crabwalks to the front of the line. Lines raced for two light poles.

Mosey back to the big grass slope. All PAX on the line, sprint to the top, run back down, bernie to the top, and run back down. 



I had a work project that I was working on until deep into Monday night. I thought about calling Ringwald and letting him know that he may need to be available to sub Q if I couldn’t make it on Tuesday. I was talking to Prosciutto at this time, and told him I was thinking about giving Ringwald the heads up. Pro’s response was succinct: either do it, or don’t. But don’t leave something in the middle, and to chance. I doubled down, and stuck with my original plan – regardless of how late I was working on Monday. 

There’s no shame in asking for help, or letting someone know that you can’t do something. This is normal, natural, and part of the reason men need a network of other men to help pick up slack where it happens. But this isn’t the same thing as having one foot in, and one foot out. Either do it, or don’t. 


Halfway through the Boilermaker, SheShed lamented the overall lack of shoulder exercises…
“I think my abs are now made of roast beef” dunno what this means, but laffo.
Stars was so named because in the middle of his introduction he stopped talking, and was most likely seeing stars…


Iron Pax, FOUR AOs running on a Tuesday now. 

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