Dear Baby Jesus, We’ve Found a Hill

QIC: Escobar

Date: 09/25/2019

PAX: WuzntMe, 9Volt (R), Gaylord, Mayhem (R), BMX, Bernie, Fastlane, ThreeSkin, John Doe, Toe Tag, Madoff, WreckedEm, Jazzy Jag

AO: Hacksaw


Crisp cool Fall weather of 57 degrees.  Probably coolest temp for Hacksaw to date.


Moseyed via Greeway to parking lot next to the Collegedale Police Station.

SSH x 30, WMH x 10, WMH x 10 again (per PAX request from IP participants), Forward Hang x 10, Teapots x 10

The Thang

Moseyed down Swinyar Drive to Four Corners Pl and took a right towards the hill.

Arrived at the bottom of hill and created groups of 3 men.

1st Round: Man 1 did Bernie up hill, while Man 2 did Carolina drydocks, and Man 3 did squats.  Once Man 1 reached near the top of hill, he called to Man 2 to start the Bernie.  Man 3 started Carolina drydocks, and Man 1 started squats.  When Man 2 reached top of hill, Man 3 started Bernie up hill, Man 2 did squats, and Man 1 did Carolina drydocks.

Top of Hill: 3 minute core routine consisting 45 seconds each of leg lift, plank step through, alternating single leg V-ups, and hammers.  Moseyed back down hill.

2nd Round:  Same format as 1st round.  Man 1 started with bunny hop up hill, while Man 2 did burpees, and Man 3 did Al Gore.  Rotate in same order once you reach near top of hill.

Top of Hill Round 2: same core work as before but only 30 seconds each.  Moseyed down hill.

3rd Round:  Same format again.  Man 1 did a bear crawl up hill, while Man 2 did reverse lunges, and Man 3 did merkins.  Again, rotate in same order once a man reached near the top of hill.

Out of time so we moseyed back to parking lot.

Note: starting and stopping points at bottom and top of hill were large drains on the edge of street.  Google maps measures them to be 300 feet apart.


Story of lady my wife encountered on vacation that gave her money for our dinner one night.  Her words of “I don’t know why I’m doing this, I’m just listening to God.” Are we actively listening and willing to do what God tells us?

Prayer requests from Threeskin (for Noah’s recovery from surgery) and Mayhem (silent request).

Ended with short prayer.


The hill is a long mosey (about a half mile if you cross over Apison pike) from parking lot staring point.  Long trek but worth it to do occasionally.

Several men used the abs work session to squeeze out some gas.  Flatulence so strong it would have cleared an office building.


Last week for IP.  Hacksaw will be conducting on Friday at the hands of John Doe on Q.

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