Free your Inner Dragon

QIC: Free Candy

Date: 09/26/2019

PAX: Sunshine, Sherlock, Sideeye, Cowbell, Hanson, Backpew, Red Tees, Callahan, Ringwald, Goose, The Count, Deer jack, Skitch, Flemish, Iron Butt, FNG- Misfire, Uncle Fester, Curfew

AO: Hill City


The kind of weather that’s cool when you stop running.


  • Mosey to the great hall
  • SSH – 29 – IC
  • Imperial Walker – 18 IC
  • Hillbilly Walker – 4 IC
  • Super slow squat – 2 IC
  • Slerkin – 2 IC
  • Morrocan night club – 15 IC
  • Seal claps – 15 IC

The Thang

  • Quick mosey to the stage
  • 7 to 1 burpees on the stage. PAX starts with 7 Burpees on the stage, runs down steps, do 5 to 35 Plankjacks at the bottom.
    • Burpees descending 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Total: 28 Burpees).
    • Plankjacks ascending 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 (Total: 140 Plankjacks).
  • Mosey to mt madoryama and follow each of these with a standard mosey down the hill unless stated otherwise. Announce next set as we finish it. Wait for everyone to finish each stage.
    • Bearcrawl to top
      • 10 dirkins OYO
    • Normal mosey to top
      • 20 inclines Delmarva Drydocks OYO
      • Crawlbear back down (a bearcrawl going backwards)
    • Dragon Crawl to top
      • 30 American Hammers OYO
    • 1 lap around the hills
    • Lt. Dans (squat, lunge lunge) 12 OYO
      • 40 SSHs OYO
    • Normal mosey to top
      • 50 Seal Jacks OYO
      • Crab crawl down with feet facing downhill
Mosey back to parking lot for time.


This week I’ve been reflecting on a very simple idea. Idols. I’m going to simplify it down because truly it really is simple.
Think of the last time you flew off the handle and felt immense stress, anger, fear, hurt, rage, guilt, needed an escape, avoided reality.
What did you go do?
Whatever your answer is, that’s your idol. QIf you went to God in that emotional state GOOD for you. Because that’s freaking hard. Because anything else you run to can absolutely give you an escape and help you get your mind off what’s bothering you. BUT.. it’s not enough. Golf will never satisfy you deeply in that way, video games will never satisfy you, mindlessly browsing on your phone, mindfully browsing on your phone, alcohol, beating off, cheating, abusing, living in secrecy, overeating, etc. and most of all, doing good will not satisfy you because in Gods economy there’s no way to right your wrongs except to accept that he already did it for you. But that’s why he gives grace at any moment for anyone for any action for any number of occurrences. Today. Now.
Run to Jesus. Test him. Try him out. See how he can hold onto your struggles and take them from you.
Because otherwise, those other things that are your idols will come crashing down and you’ll fall along with them until you aimlessly hope in the next one.


The Count almost  spilled merlot. Or was it Rose? I’m not sure.


End of Iron Pax!

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