Riddle me this…

QIC: Whittler

Date: 09/28/2019

PAX: Ringwald, Best in Show, Iron Butt, Threeskin, Moneyball, Pink Panther, Back Pew, Red Tees, Candu, Skitch, Outbreak, Uncle Fester

AO: Landfill


Gloomy and humid


Mosey down to the lower lot and circle up.

SSH x 25


Third grade exercises

Willie mays hays

Arm circles

Overhead claps



The Thang

The PAX divided into 4 teams and were tasked with figuring out riddles to instruct them on location for various stations

Head to the hill bottom

Daily Red Pills? We got’em

Carry the pill along the way

Complete the work to master the day

Each team picked up their red pill to carry with them along the way

Riddle me this

Head to the upper eating area

Underestimate this, I dare ya

The benches there await your arrival

You will need your arms for survival


Dips x 50

Incline Merkins x 25

Decline merkins x 25

Step ups x 50

Head to where you would buy some snacks

But instead, you’ll rest your backs

Against the wall made of bricks

You’ll have a chance to show your….tricks


Wall sit x 20 (4-count)

Upper cuts x 20 (4-count)

Jab x 20 (4-count)

Arms extended x 20 (4-count)

Mosey to where the kids play

And you did too back in the day

You’ll find your clue near the fountain

And don’t have to travel up the mountain


Swing crunches x 15

Pull ups x 5

Burpees x 20

Your next stop is a field of green

Where the dew often causes a glean

Please don’t stop and play with your ball

This station will require your all

Soccer Field

Suicides (60 yards, 5 stops) x 3 rounds

Now that you’re done you should feel great

But don’t bask long ‘cause you’ll be late

Mosey to the lower lot

To see the prize your place got

Lower Lot

LBC x 30

Flutter kick x 20

Pretzels x 20

Repeat until all PAX in

Headed up the hill back to the field 

Lunge walk suicides (again 60 yards with 5 stops)

Pavilion for 5 MoM


Heel touches

Pickle pointers

Pickle pounders (small, medium, and large)


I again re-emphasized the importance of the second F.  I shared this a couple weeks back at Smackdown but with a different crowd, I thought it was appropriate to share what we mean by the second F. While the first F is the “magnet” that brings us here, the second F is the “glue” that keeps us coming back.  I will admit, I don’t particularly like exercise.  For me, it’s a means to an end.  However, I keep coming back to F3 not only because of the exercise, but because of the fellowship with other like-minded men to support each other.  Nobody likes doing tough things.  However, when you have a group of men like we have, it makes it that much easier and forges a bond that is unbreakable.  Iron truly sharpening iron.  I am thankful for these men and the opportunity to lead and help everyone get better.


We all had a scare this morning when one of our brothers was in distress.  Luckily, there were three physicians there should anything have happened.  

Outbreak really got a kick out of the pickle pointers and there was a lot of snickering amongst the PAX

Our FNG had to leave early so he didn’t get named

Iron Butt led us out by saying something positive about everyone in attendance. 


Smackdown is going to Tuesday/Thursday starting in October.  Reach out and send someone that way.  It will also be a once a month IronPax AO.

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