The Passage, Part 3, or 4?

QIC: Candu 

Date: 10/15/2019

PAX: Sunshine, Hobo, Curfew, Ramos, Countdown, Skitch, Uncle Fester, Sherlock, Belly Roll, Callahan (respect), Red Tees, Milkman, Back Pew

AO: Hill City


So dreamy


Ran across Walnut St. Bridge & down to The Passage

The Passage Part 3, or 4?

Inverted Rows for ALL MY BROS

Partner Up – one hits a wall sit while other knocks out:

Inverted Rows 10 ea palms toward you

Inverted Rows 10 ea palms facing away

Switch it up

Rinse & Repeat

Pax all does 25 calf raises each

Back to Inverted Rows BUT wall sits also Joe Frazier

Rinse & Repeat BUT walls sits also do Muhammed Alis

Rinse & Repeat 1 more time?

Pax SPRINTS up 1st St. moseys to top of bridge

At top of bridge, partner up. You and your partner run bridge as quickly as you like. Once at bottom of bridge, duo comes back to wherever the last group is and runs in with them. 

No time for marry & I was spent


I suck at timely backblasts, except for todays (this one is obvi dates) but IDK why. I like writing them. Writing is just like talking & we all know I LOVE that. Anyhoo

After this workout, I was out 1.5 months with a ganglion cyst that hurt like a mofo. I’m back in the groove now. Solomons ran small but I still gave them a shot. Bad call. Do still think I have a bonespur from an old injury. #survive&advance 

Milkman was late af & didn’t find us until after 1 round in The Passage. Ran the bridge all by himself like a big boy tho!

Believe any relevant news has come & gone

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