Deal with it….

QIC: Best in Show

Date: 09/30/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Mayhem, Jazzy Jag, Toucan, Wallflower, Fastlane 

AO: Beast Ridge


70, 183% Humidity 


A short mosey to loosen up heading over to the wet grass, because of course we would  

The Thang

Circled up and placed a deck of cards out on the table (ok, it was a milk crate) and explained the Deck Of Pain rules;

Each suit represents an exercise and the value of the card determines the number of the exercise performed 

Spades = merkin

Diamond= squats 

Club= American Hammer

Heart= SSH

Joker =5 Burpees 

each pax took turns drawing the card and leading the group in the exercise. It was apparent to the group YHC is no card shark as Jazzy had to point out twice the difference between a club and a spade….


great at fun and mumble chatter at my expense…



I enjoy the fact that the deck of pain offers an opportunity for all pax to engage in leading the group. Great mumble chatter opportunity too, and it was strong this morning 



There is a saying about change; it is ugly in the beginning, messy in the middle, and beautiful in the end.

I am at the messy part, may stay there for a while too, but change is part of life, in business, family, personal. F3 has changed me, and continues to change me . 


I hate WordPress. Prosciutto is my IT helpline

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