Tuesday – Boneyard – The one armed God and the 900 heads.

QIC: Vila

Date: 10/08/2019

PAX: The Count, Candu, Pit Stop

AO: Boneyard

○ Warm Up
i. SSH IC x25
ii. Imperial Walkers IC x15
iii. SSH IC x20
iv. Carolina Drydocks IC x10
v. SSH IC x15
vi. Willy Mayes Hayes IC x10
vii. Forward Fold x15
viii. Plank IC x20
ix. Slow push to up x10
x. Up Dog x15
xi. Down Dog x15
xii. Mountain Climbers IC x8
xiii. Forward Fold x15
xiv. Down into frog
xv. Plow Pose

Mosey to the tennis courts
○ Apollo Creeds – OYO x10
○ Seed Sowers across the court
○ 20 BBSs
○ Bear Crawl back

Mosey to workout pad. Partner Up
○ Tortoise and Hare around the track
• 100 – Merkins
• 150 – Squats
• 200 – LBCs
• 250 – SSH

Burpee Buses – 5

Count – 4



We are thankful for this morning in the gloom.
We are thankful for the brotherhood that that it brings.
We are mindful of and hopeful for all thoughts and prayers, both spoken and unspoken.
We will carry this into the day, and it will give us the strength, the vision, and the courage to leave this world a better place.
Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you find him.